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You might think you’re exhausting your options on how to target your target market. But oh, you are oh-so-wrong. Twitter has been rolling out a new feature that lets you see what’s going on tweet-wise around you. And no, you don’t even have to be following them!

For starters: it’s not available to everyone. You have to enable your phone’s ability to share your location, and even then it’s not guaranteed Twitter will provide the “Nearby” (as it is called) feature. On your cell phone, “Nearby” will be a tab of its own on your Twitter home if you have it at all. For those of you who aren’t gifted with this wonderful treasure, don’t worry about it.

What “Nearby” shows up as is a map with pinpoints of tweeters near where you are. Think of it like Google Maps in the way that you can scoot around into different neighborhoods and see who is tweeting without ever leaving your seat.

This is Twitter’s best attempt (so far) at helping businesses, especially those that rely on their status as local + small, find their neighbors + future clients on the platform. On that same note, it’s Twitter’s best attempt at connecting users geographically who want to be connected. It’s a win-win. This development will give businesses the opportunity to pinpoint what their soon-to-be clients are talking about, how they think, and what they care about.

So, while you’re trying to see whether you’ll be one of the chosen ones– which may very well happen soon- consider this an extension of the search features on Twitter. You’re not missing out if it’s not available to everyone, but if you’re sitting on the sidelines once it is, expect to be left in the dust.

Bi-Line Camille


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