fotogramme • flip between instagram accounts

Sometimes we just need to be different people all at once. Before the app, Fotogramme, that task was such a hassle on Instagram.

Now don’t start jumping up + down just yet, we haven’t quite had all our prayers answered. There is NO posting from Fotogramme. BUT it sure makes staying engaged between accounts more accessible. Plus, having just undergone an iOS7 make over, it sure looks pretty.

The concept itself is similar to the way using multiple accounts on the Twitter app works.  You can zip back and forth between the thumbnail view and feed scrolling screens, making it easier to check out photos.

And even though we aren’t supposed to have favorites, we all know you do. Now you can mark users as favorites that will quickly display their posts without having to scroll through your entire following list.  This is also a handy feature if there are some users (other than those you follow) who you want to periodically check in with, but you don’t want to add any more people to the number you already follow.

Not to mention, you can favorite hashtags as well. Hello engagement booster.

This external app works along side our beloved Instagram to make multi-account users’ lives all the easier. Constantly being logged into your business + personal account will help you to stay engaged with your followers.

While this tool is super frickin’ awesome, everyone cross your fingers with me that Instagram will let them add a posting feature.


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