always be yourself, unless you can look like facebook, then redesign your whole profile page

Twitter has announced a profile redesign that looks just a little bit like our other favorite social platform, Facebook.  The new look will be hitting Twitter profile pages as early as this Tuesday. (And is even already viewable on some famous peeps’ pages. Check out @ZacEfron or @ChanningTatum or even our rockin’ page to get a real life feel of the new design.)­

Taking several queues from Facebook, the new profile page will feature more user information + even highlight your tweets that have the most engagement by displaying them slightly larger than the rest.

Similar to Facebook groups + events, you will now be able to pin one of your tweets to the top of the page.

The changes don’t stop there. The new design will also include a larger user photo + header image. You will also now be able to choose which timeline view you want to check out when perusing your peeps’ profiles. You can see all tweets, tweets with photos + videos only, or just tweets + replies.

Despite the similarities to Facebook, Twitter has not made the change easy on us with a passion for design + consistent branding. Because why would the specs be the same across all platforms?

Never fear, we’ve got you covered. 

Don’t let your beautiful branding go by the wayside. Get ahead of the game + work with us now before the switch is made.

Because we are already raving fans of one another, we’re gonna cut you a deal. Get a modified, revamped, Twitter profile for just $107 with one revision if needed. 

Bi-Line Aly

Ps. What are your thoughts on the whole thing? Tweet at me.

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