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You may be wondering if I’m advocating for public nudity. Let me assure you, I’m not. But, I am a fan of showing off your goods– in a business-like manner. People want to know what you’ve got before they really want it. Lately, I’ve been loving what a couple of our clients have for YouTube content. The part that I love about them as professionals is their willingness to demonstrate what they have to offer in valuable, short segments. Frankly, they are excited to take advantage of what YouTube can do for them. Few people want to commit to watching hour-long videos, with the exception of R. Kelly’s rap opera, “Trapped in the Closet.” And, even fewer people want to model themselves after R. Kelly, for reasons I will not discuss in this blog post.  

At tena.cious, we emphasize being on the platforms that make sense for who you are. So, YouTube videos may not be the right direction for you. If that is the case, you can stop reading now and save yourself a minute of wasted time. But, if you are reading this and are a little intrigued, YouTube very well might be the next place for you to explore.

Maybe it is just me, but when I want to know more about someone, I immediately google them. More often than not, I will check out one or two of the social platforms where they have a presence to do a little more digging. Imagine this scenario: you are sending an email, trying to make a sale to someone you have little connection to. Why should they give you a call back, when they don’t have anything invested in you? Being able to include a link to your YouTube channel allows them to feel like they’re sleuthing around to discover who you really are, while providing them value up front. You are an expert in your field, and your YouTube channel demonstrates that. In this fantasy scenario, the chances of a call back seems a lot more real.

Not such a waste of time, is it? Maybe now is the time to consider whether YouTube might be a place for you to explore.



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