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Between all the emails you immediately delete, and the ones you’re actually interested in, falls a different kind of email. The one with actually valuable information. LinkedIn recently shot an email over to users that they have been “invited to publish on LinkedIn”. Initially, I was clueless as to the actual results of this feature. But, I’m happy to inform you that this is some pretty sweet stuff.

LinkedIn Publisher is effectively an in-house blog. You know how once you post something on LinkedIn it seems to disappear? Publisher ties each post directly to your profile; this enables people to see what original content you have created, regardless of how long ago it was. As I’ve mentioned before, I work with clients who have YouTube videos — thankfully, you can embed video into your blog post! If you have a graphic included in the post, LinkedIn will use that as the featured image for the blog post.

Looking for another reason to give LinkedIn Publisher a shot? People get notifications when you’ve published a blog! Admittedly, I’m the LinkedIn nerd in the office (does that really surprise anyone?), but give this thing a chance! As is often the case, the more interaction people have with a post, the more likely it is that others will see it. When Angie posted her most recent blog on her profile, she had over 100 views within the hour. Now, almost 700 people have clicked on it, 49 people have liked it, and it has received 12 comments — some from people outside of her network! Not only is Angie using LinkedIn to tell people she is an expert in her field, but this helps her show others why.

The more that people use Publisher, the less viewed and important this tool may be– I’m just guessing here. For now, though, it is excellent at getting more traction on Linkedin. It is as simple as clicking the pencil button in the box where you would usually post updates, and going to work on it.

If you have original content and an eye for trying out the ‘next big thing’, give this a shot.

Final note: PLEASE, please, please keep it professional. This is LinkedIn, after all. Connect with me on there, I’d love to see if you try it out!

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