the right way to send a LinkedIn message

Have you ever gotten a message on LinkedIn that you know was not targeted for you? Yet, people think the best way to send out a message would be to send it to all of their connections. Annoying, right? You might almost be to the point where you are ready to disconnect.
There is a better way, people! And I am here to tell you how.
Instead of clicking through all those connections, start filtering who your messages are going to. Your fingers will thank you, too.
If you are you having an event in a specific area, why wouldn’t you only want to target the connections who live near by. Someone from Florida doesn’t want to know about our Strategy Workshop, but people in the Twin Cities area do!
So here are a few steps to better target your LinkedIn messages + keep those relationships strong. 
1. Go up to “Network”.
2. Select “Contacts”.
3. Click on “Filter by _____” and select which filter you would like to use.
4. Once those connections come up, you can either “Select All” or refine the list more by clicking on the check box next to the person’s name within that category.
5. At the top, click on the little envelope “Message”.
6. Write your magic message!
Don’t forget to double check to make sure all of the people in your message should be getting that message. The last thing you want to do is be labeled as a spammer! 

Have any questions about this? Connect with me on LinkedIn!

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