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You’re finally on Twitter! Awesome.

Rocking it on the platform from a.m. to p.m. is no easy task as we all know. Never fear– we’re here to let you in on the sweet side of Twitter!

Have you participated in, or at least seen or heard of, Twitter Chats (a.k.a. Twitter Parties)? If you have, that’s totally an experience you should have, and continue doing. If a Twitter Chat/Party makes zero sense– read on!

#1 takeaway :: they are a great way to discover + connect with like-minded people in your industry.

Twitter Chats are live discussions, about a predetermined topic, that take place right on …you guessed it… Twitter! Think of it as a virtual meet-up where experts, small businesses, and organizations can learn from and collaborate with others in their industry, share expertise and opinions, and ask questions.

Each chat has a specific #hashtag associated with it.

For example :: if tena.cious were to host a Twitter Chat related to social, we might use #tenaciousTalk. This way, everyone participating in the chat can include the hashtag in their tweet to be sure what they are contributing is showing up in the live feed/discussion.

These chats are run by a moderator who keeps the conversation moving forward. During a typical chat, a moderator asks questions to get the conversation flowing. To make sure you are getting the most out of your time spent in a chat, make sure you are participating!

I have made some really wonderful and long-lasting connections with other PR + social media gals throughout the country. Some I have met, and some I can’t wait to meet. I was recently telling Camille about my friend on the East Coast. When she asked how we met, I told her– it was a Twitter Chat! Although we haven’t connected in person yet, I value our relationship, catch-up phone calls, and emails immensely.

You might be thinking, “that’s great – a little weird maybe, but I’ll test the waters.” Perfect! Let’s help you find the chats + ensure that you are adding and taking away value from your time invested in the Twitter Chat.

A quick Google search with the industry or topic you are interested in + the words “Twitter Chat” will generate links with lists upon lists of chats you can check out. For a personal reference, go ahead and interact with the people you are already following on Twitter and find out which chats they are involved in!

Some quick tips for getting the most out of your Twitter Chat experience:

-When you find a chat you want to participate in, put it on your calendar and treat it like a meeting – show up! 

-If you know someone else who might be interested in the topic of the chat, invite them to join in.

-When the chat begins, introduce yourself. Most moderators will tell you what info they would like from you in your intro.

-Answer and ask questions, respond to other participants. Make connections. 

-When responding to a tweet or asking a question, use the #hashtag so everyone can see it.

-Most chats let you pitch yourself, products and/or services at the end of the chat, so wait until then. You wouldn’t like it if everyone was pitching at you all the time, would you? Just be you. 

Tweet us and tell us what your favorite part of Twitter Chatting is :: because life wasn’t meant to be done alone!

Bonus Tip :: Another great thing about Twitter Chats is that, if you miss one – you didn’t necessarily miss out on the entire convo. You can simply search the chat’s hashtag to see all of the recent tweets that include it’s hashtag.

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