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When you’re a busy entrepreneur, you know for an absolute fact that you can’t handle all the moving pieces at once; and when you’re at that point in your biz, it makes sense not to.

So what do you do? Disclaimer: I am not the busy entrepreneur in this whole hypothetical scenario, but I am speaking from a recent experience that gave me a clue into a world I hadn’t entirely grasped. 

Many people’s first instinct would be to hire a virtual assistant, and they can be a good component in an effective team. You may not be able to offload everything you’d like to, but for the smaller pieces you need managing, it totally makes sense. Keep in mind, however, thatnot all virtual assistants are created equal. If you find their services at an unbelievable price…there might be a reason for it. They may seem like a steal at they price they are, but beware buyer’s remorse. Tena’s experience with a discounted virtual assistant service totally turned her off from it, but I know there are some good ones out there. Tena is now on in-house assistant #2 (I was #1), but not everyone is in the position to have an in-house assistant…which brings me to my next point.

If you feel overloaded and are in the position to offload some of the work whether your assistant is virtual or sitting 5 feet away from you, establish a killer system of coordination.We use Basecamp in our office, and it has been sent from project management heaven to help us out. We use it for tasks in-house, and with every single client. It’s an indispensable tool and I don’t think we would be in the same position without it.

It is essentially an automated project manager (but it lacks the urgency that only a person can provide). I would be lying to you if I told you that there weren’t a couple of low-priority items on my to-do list from an embarrassingly long time ago. 

If your organization system is locked down, it doesn’t mean that all your problems of coordination are resolved. Everyone’s role simply must be completely clarified at the start of every project. If one piece of the puzzle is missing, it can lead to a huge headache. And there is no shame in revisiting those roles with the understanding that something is missing.

Let me say this again, to reinforce it. There is no shame in taking a second to regroup. In fact it’s a heck of a lot better than being irritated at someone because something hasn’t been executed as you would have preferred.

While you get used to how each person operates, you’re guaranteed to run into a few bumps along the way. Everyone has different skillsets, and the ability to re-evaluate roles + responsibilities allows you to adapt and improve upon the way that projects are managed. You might discover that you’ve been giving one task to a person who would be better equipped to handle something else, and so on down the line.

Hiccups are real. They are natural, and a byproduct of working with a human being instead of a computer. Your ability to adjust your team and your expectation are what will allow you, your results, and your team to improve. 


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