say hello to ello.

Say hello to the new, note-worthy social media platform that has created big waves in a pretty short amount of time. You may have heard people talking about ‘Ello,’ and wondered how the site works, if it is only for people with British-Cockney accents, etc. & so forth.  

The bottom line is, what makes this platform different? Why should you create an Ello account?

Ello is unique because the founder switched up how social sites operate. This one works without any funding from ads or selling of private user information. This way people can maintain privacy in the way people have been craving lately, and not worry about their info getting used for something else. 

With any company, there needs to be a source of profit to keep the business going. The funding for the platform will come from various special features that users may choose to purchase to further customize their experience. 

This is one of the most important aspects of Ello, the ability to choose. Quite frankly, they might have been on something with their whole ‘choice’ thing — part of the attraction of Ello was being able to go by anonymity. 

Shortly after Ello was released, Facebook revealed their ‘Rooms‘ app. The premise is pretty similar, but hasn’t gotten the positive reviews that Ello. In both of these, you can connect with others from outside your normal network in certain communities based on interests. 

Social is changing these days and people want to be able to connect, interact, and discuss their hobbies and passions without restriction.

After exploring the new platform you may be wondering why you should be interested in this new medium. First of all, it’s FREE! In addition, the platform has a beautiful, simple interphase that is easy to use and navigate and provides the user with customizable posting. 

Ello allows you to create two feeds, one called “friends” and the other “noise”. This way users are able to avoid the content that they don’t want to see and only pay attention to the info that they want to have. 

So if you aren’t already convinced, dip your toes in the Ello waters, you might be pretty interested what you find. The simple, invite only policy creates an exclusive, interesting community that is a fun place to meet and create. 

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