what is your why?

I am sure you have heard that question a dozen times, if not a hundred. 

Guru after guru shares a similar message. ‘If you want to succeed you have to know your WHY.’ But very few of them tell you HOW

Linda Rasch is a certified ‘Know Your Why’ consultant and in less than an hour she had my ‘why’ nailed. 

My Why —> Creating relationships built on trust. 

Whoa. This spoke to me in EVERY area of my life. From biz to personal (okay but, let’s be real… those are kinda meshed for me anyways).

So why is it important to know your why? 

Well for one, it changes your message. 

Knowing that my why is all about relationships, shouldn’t have been all that difficult for me to figure out, but when we added the factor of trust, we uncovered my real why. 

Your message should come from the core of who you are. 

If you are at all familiar with our brand, you know that we don’t do the whole techy talk topics + we rarely throw a blog out there with the ‘top 3 things…’ I just can’t get behind that. And now I know why… it doesn’t feel truthful to me. 

If I tell you these are the top ‘3 reasons to…’ that would really only apply to me and maybe a handful of other peeps with my same story, why, and life… you get the point. 

BUT what I can tell you is my experience and let you take it from there. 

So I have a little something to confess. Up until recently I have also had a hard time selling my online courses. We have written course after course, threw it out to our list, sold quite a few out of the gate and then they went dry. 

I figured out why. 

When I first put out these courses I could legitimately sell them like nobodies business because they had JUST been written by ME. 

But as time ticked on, I hadn’t truly taken the time to revisit the courses, I had my team check them over to make sure content was still timely and that was it. 

Now nothing about this felt like true relationship building, or all that trusting. 

I wasn’t okay with them in their now current form. So I took action. 

Our new website will release this month with NO courses. That’s right, they’re gone. BUT… the best part? 

In January you will see a new and improved (I mean like 100’s of hours improved) Rock Your Social online course. We are talking videos, how-to’s, and a whole lot of awesomeness. If you want to be the first to get in on some of the complimentary pre-action, click here and get your name on the list. 

I have SO many freebies planned with action packed, get-er-done steps that, for simply the cost of your email address, you will get dropped right into you inbox. 

Gosh that felt good to write. Seriously loving this new direction.

And I wouldn’t be in this newfound, course revamping, loving on my products, groove without discovering my true why. 

Now if you have something new to share for the new year PLEASE let me know. I love hearing about and sharing what others are up to! Tweet at me

Bi-Line Tena


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