listen up y’all.

Man is business fun. I mean, if you let it be of course.

This week we held our first virtual online event. a.k.a. a webinar.
I have to be honest here with you all. I was scared to go there. I was literally scared to create a webinar. Sounds silly right? But I thought of all of the webinars I had ever been a part of, the tech issues put a fear in me that I didn’t want to tackle.

AND NOW »»» I seriously can’t wait to do the next one. Of course we will keep you in the loop.

There absolutely must be a fear you are not tackling. Is it writing a blog? Maybe it is sending that first tweet or heck it might even be as simple as picking up the phone.

What I know is that once you do it (whatever IT is) you will wish you had done it earlier.

So, Just Do It. «««« Thanks Nike.

This year for me is full of risk (which is ONE of my words for the year).  Whether it be rockin’ a webinar or ummm, traveling to AFRICA. Yep! The hubs and I are headed to another hemisphere next week!

Of course you will still ‘hear’ from me… cause we gotta be consistent.


Until then… have a rockin’ week!

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