stop dragging people along with your vision

Heading into your day without intention is like going a day without brushing your teeth. «« This should gross you out.

So often we put a whole bunch of things on our to-do list but rarely do we set intentions around each item. It’s important to determine the results you want with everything you do, before you do it.

What would it look like if when you brought your kids to school, you set the intention that getting ready that morning was going to be a breeze? The kids would eat everything you made for breakfast without whining, no one would fight over what color plate they got, every tooth would be brushed and bags would be magically packed without having to give a reminder. To top it all off, the kids would run into the school with a little hop skip and a jump – only to turn back to blow you a quick kiss.

Sounds like a dream, right?

If this intention was set early enough, I imagine you would act a bit differently to get that result.

I know I would.

I would make breakfast a little more fun.

I would create a game around putting on our shoes.

Maybe the whole buckling up fiasco wouldn’t end in Mom yelling like a bat out of hell.

(don’t judge… you know you have been there.)

My day goes smoother when intentions are set, not only with myself – but when I share my thoughts with my kids, they see it too.

I know not all of you are in child rearing years – but I bet you can imagine.

The thing is, what if we applied this to our businesses and delegation?

Last Thursday I shared with you my thoughts on delegating and invited you to join our Rock Your Social Webinar » How to Delegate Your Social Media on Any Budget. If you missed it, you can still grab it here. 

Here’s the twist.

If when you handed over that thing (whatever it is), you set the intention that it would be done right – it would be. Let me explain.

Delegating to most of us is handing something over that we don’t want to do. We need to shift this mindset a bit – shift it to a place of freedom. Here it is: hand the tasks over that you know others can do better than you.

If we set the intention that our team around us, whether it be contractors or employees, are equipped to get the job done, then this dream of delegating will become a reality. Remember though, the intention needs to be shared. This will ensure that things get done right the first time, better than you would do them and maybe even a little quicker.

Like I stated above, your team doesn’t have to be just employees – honestly it may be put together with a number of different people from all over.

Our clients often reference us as a part of their team.

They have trusted us to take it over and therefore their intentions were set and usually their expectations are high.

Our clients are big vision peeps. They basically want to take over the world and bring people along for the ride, not drag them. They have a strong personality and ideas come to them everywhere they are – they spew out tweetable moments and we capture them.

If this is you. We need to talk.

On the webinar I shared that our social media management pricing is going up. To be honest, what we offer is so much more than social – we are truly managing your entire brand.

We have 5 spots left. No scare tactics here – they will fill, I am sure of it. You know why? I set the intention.

Email me and let me know what intentions YOU are setting today.

much love,

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