is your marketing full of trends?

A few months ago you would have found me sitting in my spacious walk in closet staring at my racks and racks of clothes thinking ‘I have nothing to wear.’ Anyone with me?

How can I go shopping, be totally in love with everything I just bought and basically (what seems like minutes go by) still feel as if I have n.o.t.h.i.n.g.

I thought in the past that this was a tale of not being content – but I was wrong. That is indeed an old wives tale.

Not too long ago I hired Char Dobbs to take over my closet and my wardrobe. What she taught me has changed how I view not only clothes, but just about every other thing I am not fully satisfied with. Clearly I owe her more $.

You don’t have to twist my beautiful clothed arm to tell you.

My closet was full of trends… old trends.

I had no foundation pieces.

Now this is usually not a guy issue, but for us chics – most of us are dealing with this closet (and mindset) catastrophe.

Rarely do old trends go with new trends. BUT if you start with a foundation, these trends can slip in a whole lot easier.

New things come easily into your life if you have a foundation to start with.

The deal I have with Char is that each season, we go shopping. But guess what? First we started with the foundations. She made me an entire list of things that were missing from my FULL closet. Who would have thought I needed more clothes?

But because we started there, every single shopping trip was easier and took less time. Cause remember, time is money honey.

Let me share a little story with you.

Before I took the stage at my last event I asked Char to run through the mall with me quick to grab up a new to-die-for outfit. We literally threw on the first dress we saw and it was perfect. So I did what every smart woman would do and used the next hour and half we had set aside to have Char help me pick out a few more ‘needs’ that I had.

I have had the same luggage for 15 years – it was starting to get a little sketchy. I was expecting to buy a set that I would keep for another 15 years. As we scanned over the available pieces at Nordstrom’s Rack (yes, we shop the deals! #smartgirls), she guided me to a carry on sized piece.

I literally thought she had lost her marbles.

No chance my clothes, shoes, blow dryer, make-up (oh and more shoes) were going to fit in that thing!

The thing is, they totally did.

I was wrong, she was right… and I am totally cool with that.

Her secret? Plan for it.

I didn’t need to pack an extra outfit just in-case I needed it. I now love every piece of clothing in my closet, I have the foundations that I can wear over again and packing got simpler too.

So how does this relate to the rest of my life OR in this case, business?

If we follow the trends, but yet have no foundation – it doesn’t mix. This applies to our marriages, raising kids and marketing our business.

These past couple of weeks we have slowly dropped a free mini-course on you. First we started out with Community, next dove into Content and this week is the biggie » Consistency.

These are ALL foundations for your marketing – the trends will come later.

There are things in your marketing closet that need to go and my guess is, things that need to be laid for the foundation.

Ready to get consistent?

Grab up this weeks lesson here.

you got this,

P.S. Oh and if you need a wardrobe refresh – I can hook you up.

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