3 ways to make your website come alive.

Stagnant adjective stag·nant \ˈstag-nənt\
: not active, changing, or progressing

Also known as gross.

Okay, I made up the last part… but in all seriousness, this is the very last word I want hanging around my business.

It is common to see a website that was created and forgotten. The URL is slapped on a business card and that ‘to-do’ was crossed off the obligatory list.

If this explains your site, you are not alone.

Now, you know I never write to you to make you feel like a failure. What I want is for you to grab up this info, take quick action, grow the business… not just your should-do list.

So now that we have put the guilt, failure and sadness aside, let’s get to work.

The first thing I can’t wait for you to take off your site: Stock Photos.

Please, and I mean pretty please, get rid of them. Now there is an exception to every little rule out there, but if you want a site to feel totally dead, gross and stagnant – slap up a stock photo and call it good.

The world wants to see YOU, YOUR space and YOUR products. See a theme here? Unless you are a stock photo model, ditch em.

Now this one may not seem quick, easy or inexpensive but it can be. Our first photos on our website were $0 and I have never paid more than $300… for our entire team. Need a referral, hit reply.

Here is the deal. I have great respect for photographers, if you have hung out here much at all then you know we care a whole lot about great photography. One tip to keep expenses down, plan out the use of your photos beforehand. When you get to the shoot, you can whip right through an entire website worth of shots.

The second thing: Create a reason for people to hear from you.

The email inbox is still the most coveted place to hang, I don’t care what anybody says – cause the proof is in the actions we take every.single.day. When I ask the question ‘How often do you check your email?’ to a group of business owners, they can’t answer me. Why? Because it is constant.

If you have one already, great. Just make sure it doesn’t say ‘Sign up for my newsletter to get great tips and resources sent to your inbox weekly!’ That sounds about as enticing as a Jello mold at Thanksgiving.

Instead, gather up the Q’s you get asked by the clients seeking you out. Create a quick listicle, and/or record an audio and you are ready to rock. Want to see one in action? You can grab up ’10 Tips to Create Your CLIQUE’ here.

Last but not least, third: Pull in a social media feed.

Now, I get that you will probably need a web programmer for all of the above. It’s okay, we all need one. *cough cough*… we have one if you want to borrow her.

Most (not all) WordPress themes have handy dandy little plug-ins you can pull in on your site so you can have a feed of your fav social site. The tip here though is to make sure that when peeps click on this link to go to your social media feed that you are having it open in a new tab and not the same one your site is on. We don’t want to send people to a social media abyss for them to never return.

Those 3 changes will turn a dead site into a vibrant one that is worthy of checking out.

This Monday I am sharing 7 more of these quick solutions to have your entire brand come alive.  I can promise it will be worth your time. Grab your seat here, (or here).



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