4 photography tips for entrepreneurs to keep your brand’s visual identity consistent

Let’s talk about branded photography. Have you noticed how your social media posts get way more engagement when there is an image attached? This is because your fans connect with imagery. They believe what they see.

When you host an event for your biz, it is SO important that you snap some good quality images. If you tend to forget, delegate this task to a friend or an employee.

As the go-to photog at tena.cious, I’d like to share a few tips with you on capturing your brand in the best light »»

1. » Try to find good lighting. This is key!

2. » The image needs to be crisp and clear so that we can easily see what’s going on.

3. » The pic must tell a story or show emotion.

4. » Does the image make sense with your brand? If not, it can be shared on your personal social channels!

Make it your goal to snap 5 pics at every event you attend. Then watch your engagement increase. 🙂


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