things change

7 years ago I bought a new phone. Of course I have bought several since, but 7 years ago was a memorable one. It wasn’t smart.

Yes, you read that right – at the start of tena.cious, a social media company, I bought a non-smart phone. The thing is, it wasn’t all that strange of a decision. My choices at the time were fairly limited and I knew a small handful of people that had taken the leap to smart.

It wasn’t that I didn’t think this was the way of the future, I simply just didn’t know a whole lot about them and my decision making process was ‘go with what I know’ and ‘go with what I don’t know.’ Fairly simple decision.

But I changed it.

I went to lunch with a good friend, who had a smart phone. He showed me the capabilities and basically told me I was ridiculous to think I could run a company without one.

So of course, I wasn’t about to be a ridiculous business owner. Duh.

But it wasn’t peer pressure that swayed my decision – it was the fact that things change. We change.

Now this story is an example of an easy change, but not all change is easy.

The reason? Usually we have a viewpoint that we have to shift.

Writing that line above was pretty easy – living that out, not so much.

This past month I realized I was hanging on way too hard to one simple thought, I was so wrapped up in it, it was stunting my growth financially and mentally.

Want the story? Tune in next week. For real. #cliffhanger

shine bright,

Ps. I’ve got to know, what things have shifted or changed in your life recently? #hitreply

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