where should you be?

Did you get that hit in the gut when you read that good ole title up there? I kind of wish the word ‘should’ could be deleted out of the English language. It has so much ickiness all around it. This one word piles on guilt, a sense of unworthiness and failure.

I am on the home stretch of an amazing week. I started with Mark LeBlanc’s Achievers Circle and ended it with dōTERRA’s Leadership Conference. All super high achieving individuals in each room and a lot of ‘shoulds.’

» I should be speaking on bigger stages but…

» My business should be farther along but…

» I should be at a higher rank but…

» I probably should be blogging but…

Oh my goodness STOP.

People get this feeling that they are doing it all wrong, setting goals too high and burning out. Are you these people?

I will be honest, I have ‘should’ on myself too. It got me nowhere. You know what did? Setting an achievable goal, taking action every day and loving where I am at.

What ‘should’ are you getting rid of?

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