Business is tricky.

Especially before, during and after an election.

Many of us struggle deciding if we should share our views, or not. I went with the ‘not’ part. For me this was out of character from my usual uber transparent self – but here is the reason » respect. I run two+ companies with a number of employees, and we share very different views. I love each and every one of these gals. I don’t mind one bit that they share their views – I just couldn’t speak for them.

As a leader of people, and truly the face of my companies – I felt the need to stand neutral for the sake of my people.

Now don’t read that as judgement if you did happen to share a view or two. We all have our own reasons.

The thing is, I know several of you shared, and because of this you may have lost friends, clients and maybe even family members. Whether that be in person, simply a Facebook friend clicking that ‘unfriend’ button or maybe you are the one that walked away. It hurts, but it’s going to be okay.

I know that may sound really lack luster and a little harsh even – but it is okay.

I could tell you that you didn’t need them or they didn’t need you, but I believe that is a lie. We need each other. We need people around us that have different views, different values and different gifts. It is necessary for our world to go round.

I want to encourage you to have an open mind, to find places to relate and not separate. Right now this is what our country needs.

Yesterday we had a number of employees distraught. Tears were shed, but friendships weren’t. We ate cake (thanks Amy), tried to lighten the mood a bit and looked for all the good we could.

I believe we have created a safe place for all to share their lives, views and hearts. For this, I am proud.

If you were unfriended, I am sorry.

we got this,


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There is so much potential for your brand on Facebook. It gets way more exciting than just posting, commenting + checking insights.

As you may know, it’s hard to get your Facebook biz page in front of a lot of peeps due to the algorithm, but at the same time you want to be generating constant awareness for your brand so that your fans will start to remember you. They’ll remember you when they see you showing up often + in more than one place. This is why it’s super important that you are interacting on Facebook in more ways than one.

1. One way is Facebook groups. We love groups! They bring peeps together and build community. We suggest that you pick 3 Facebook groups that relate to you + your brand and interact in them frequently.

2. The way to get your Facebook biz page in front of new fans is with Facebook Ads! With a very small budget, you can run ongoing ads to help generate leads or send people to your website. These ads won’t be promoting a specific sale or event that you have going on. Instead, their objective will be to generate awareness and make potential clients trust you + love you!

3. An important part of Facebook Ads is Facebook pixel. It’s basically a tracking code that goes on your website (our rockin’ web gal, Amy, can help install this). With this we are able to target a very specific audience on Facebook based off of peeps that have been to your webpage or blog. It’s a great way to capture people who aren’t already on your mailing list or fans of your Facebook business page and peeps who are randomly searching for your service.

Leave a comment and let us know what Facebook groups you hang out in!


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I scroll Facebook regularly. Shocking, right? Now, I am going to assume that wasn’t a shock and that you also fall into the scroller category. Last week I challenged you to do more than hit like. You can read more about that here if you *gasp* skipped a week of reading my brain. 

So, why do we scroll? I know that I do it for the stories and I can bet you do too.

I do it for the ones people share, the ones they don’t, and the ones that inspire me to take action. 

This week I scrolled upon a post from an acquaintance. The story is funny, but the lesson is better. 

Here is what he shared: 

So the female barista at Starbucks, after pouring my coffee asks, “would you like a donut?” When I looked confused she added, “You look like a ‘donut guy.’ ” …Yeah. In the timeless words of Bill Murray, “So I got that going for me… which is nice.”


So besides the obvious foot in mouth lesson… (or should I say donut in mouth)… this girl was on to something. But tact was not that thing.

He totally looks and acts like a donut guy. C’mon, I know you can picture him. 

We exude what we have going for us. 

So let’s take it from donuts to something a bit more serious – our businesses. 

We have an occasional client (I say this because she occasionally decides to hire us), that has ‘inexpensive’ going for her. 

It isn’t just about the attire, it’s about the words, the actions, and the follow-through. I want to tell her she is acting like the dollar store, when all of her competitors don’t even know what that is. 

You may think this is a bit harsh and judgmental – but I see it and I know her customers do to. Now don’t get me wrong, she is talented. Really talented. 

If you feel stuck, don’t look around at everyone else – look right back at yourself. You have a lot going for you – but the world may not see it. 

Hear me loud and clear – I don’t think there is anything wrong with being ‘donut guy’ – if that is what you want to be, but please don’t be ‘inexpensive girl’…you are worth more

What do you have going for you? 


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You know those things you can spot from a mile away? The ones that stand out so badly they hurt your eyes? No matter what profession you are in, it is natural for you to catch the mistakes that others are making. It may sound a bit strange but this is actually your gift. 

Lately, I have consulted with a few new clients and it seems that many of them are making the same mistakes online. 

I figured that they couldn’t be alone so I thought I would share some common online errors in case you too are making them.  

I decided to break it down into sections, so here we go:
Website »»» Broken links. Many of you have social media links that don’t actually go to your direct page. Check it. Fix it. Check it again. 

Facebook Personal Page »»» No link from your personal page to your business page. You have the ability to link your business page from your personal. Make sure this is visible to everyone and not just your friends. Need an example? Check out mine. Not sure how to change it? Visit our Social Rockstar Community Facebook page and ask! 

Facebook Groups »»» Spamming. Stop tossing your blogs and images in other peoples groups. Use these groups to engage with others by answering and asking questions to soak up knowledge. 

Facebook Business Pages »»» Boosting posts. This form of advertising on Facebook is simply not valuable. If you have Q’s about Facebook ads, we have a billion resources to share with you + you can purchase our Facebook Ad Guide if your little heart so desires. 

Twitter »»» Connecting your Facebook to Twitter. For the love of everything, stop. Just stop. Please (and I mean pretty please) disconnect this feature. Go to www.facebook.com/twitter to make it stop.

LinkedIn »»» No profile photo. Yes, this is a real thing. I see peeps daily that have no photo on their LinkedIn profile. C’mon, this is like wearing your pajamas to work… it says that you don’t really want to be there by putting forth little effort into your page. I am a huge fan of shutting down sites that don’t get my full attention. 

Instagram »»» Posting too often. This site isn’t a spot to dump your entire album of photos. Pick your best photo each day, hashtag it up, and hit post. 

Pinterest »»» Empty boards. If you create a new board, make sure that it is actually worthy of having its own board. That means if you have a board with less than 5 pins, it probably isn’t worthy. 

Google + »»» The fact that you still use it. Don’t waste your time. 

These were only a few of the common mistakes that I see. Quick, easy, and painless changes that will make a significant difference to improve your online presence. 

I would absolutely LOVE to hear the simple changes you are going to make today! Hit reply to share your thoughts with me. 

Before I let you go, I must share with you a FREE virtual workshop that I am hosting with my favorite coach + mentor, Ursula Mentjes. We are going to teach you how to up-level your ability to sell on + offline. Join us here.

much love,
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Profiles. Pages. Groups. Facebook offers all three, but what the heck is the difference between them and does it even matter which one you use!? And, do you have to utilize all three?

It sure does matter! And, no, you don’t have to use all three. Groups aren’t always the right way to go for everyone. Profiles and business pages – yeah, you should have these two.

First things first. Let’s talk about the difference between the three, then we’ll talk about which one might be appropriate for you.

Profiles. A Facebook profile represents an individual person and the page in which you add all your friends and family as ‘friends’ to keep in touch with. It’s your ‘personal page;’ where you share you vacation pictures, funny articles you read – things that pertain to your PERSONAL life – not business. Sure, if you find a really awesome biz article that you think your friends will enjoy too, by all means, share it here. But, this is not a place for you to promote your business and what is going on in it. This is also the place where you can add your personal info. Info like your hometown, birthday, interests and likes, work history, relationship status – the PERSONAL info.

Pages. Here’s where you can get your awesome biz out there and share all your exciting news and info, share promotions and make announcements to your target audience. Pages are the place where businesses, brands, public figures and organizations come to play – but in order to create a Facebook page; you need to have created a profile. (Your profile will become the page’s owner and will be the account from which you manage your page and all it’s rockin’ activity.)

Your page is set up with some special features that will help you target your audience even better. A couple features that we at tena.cious love the most are post scheduling and Insights. Scheduling your posts saves time! (And, we all love a good time-saver, right??) If you have your posts written out in advance, Facebook gives you the option of scheduling them to post automatically. That way all you have to do is remember to go back in and check in the engagement and interact!

The Insights is another one of our favorites. This section helps to keep track of how posts are performing and who is connecting and engaging with your page; and when. (Bonus tip – You know those scheduled posts? Check the Insights to see what time of day your page is getting the most interaction and schedule around those times.)

Groups. The groups on Facebook are a place for family, co-workers, teammates, and anyone with a shared interest to come together. It is almost like an open forum with a wonderful sense of community. Groups can be public (anyone can join or be added to the group), closed (and members need to request permission to join, or be added by a member), or secret (nobody can see, or join, the group unless invited to do so).

Facebook groups can be fantastic! They can build a sense of community and provide a platform for people with a shared interest to come together and chat. However, they aren’t for everyone. And really, if it doesn’t make sense for you to do it, please don’t get caught up in the hype. If you’re going to just push your own content out on a page, your biz page is the right place for it: not a group — the goal of a group page is to have members take initiative and start conversations of their own. 

As with your social platforms, it’s critical to understand where to spend your time online. It’s only a waste of your time if you’re hanging out in the wrong spot. Brush up on the basics and you’ll be snatching that newsfeed space right up!


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People are starting to open up their Facebook lives to more than just friends and families. People are now letting networking connections take a peek at their day to day life. 

I, for one, am all about it!

However, some stuff doesn’t make sense for my friends and family to see when it comes to work. And some things I know my networking people could care less about. 

So here’s the truth: your friends and family don’t want to hear about your business stuff 24-7. 

But Angie, my friends and family are there to support my business!” 

I know they are! However, if you keep pushing business stuff on them, you might wonder why your Aunt Mary is no longer a “friend”. I’m not saying you can’t talk about your business on Facebook, but to make it worth your while, you need to be strategic. 

How do you do this? Lists; that’s how! 

Yes, we have told you all about Twitter listsNow it’s time to rock some out on Facebook. Don’t worry, in just a few simple steps you can be targeting your posts and utilizing your personal Facebook page even more.  

To create a list: 
1. Scroll down and on the left hand side of your home page, you will see Friends. Click on more. 
2. Hit +Create List.
3. Name your list and start adding people! 

Seriously, it is that simple. 

Now comes the strategy. When you go out to post something, click on the drop down menu where it says Public (next to the Post button) and select what list you would like it to go out to. 


Now you’re getting the information out there to the right people. I promise you will be amazed at how much more traction you get because you are targeting your posts. 

BONUS TIP :: If you want to keep your eyes on a specific list, you just go select the list on the left hand side and you will only see posts from those people! This can keep you more focused when you are working so you don’t get lost in baby and puppy pictures!. 

So go play around and start creating some lists! 

Bi-Line Angie

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You’ve thrown some money at Facebook ads. How has it gone? 

When you are doing a Facebook ad, you want to make sure to keep a very key thing in mind: your goal. You work hard for your money! You don’t want to throw it away by putting an ad out there that won’t produce any results. So before you start boosting + promoting, be clear on what you want out of this ad. 

One of our favorite types of ads to use via Facebook is boosted posts. They are great to increase your list, promote an event, or get the word out about a special event/product.

But before you click boost, make sure you do these few little steps: 

– Keep it short and sweet. When writing out the text for your ad, make sure you keep it limited. Remember, people will be scrolling through their newsfeed when your ‘ad’ pops up. You want something that is going to grab their attention and make their cursor stop dead in its tracks. 

– Add in a graphic. Nothing is better to grab someone’s attention like a sweet graphic- you know the kind we are talking about! *cough, cough: The ones that have your branding on them!* The only trick to this is you must keep any text you have on this graphic to 20% or less. 

– Get some free attention first. We see this happen all the time. People go and write a post, make it pretty, and BAM they give Facebook their money. Hold your horses, ladies and gents. We want you to get the most out of this ad and in order to do that, you need to build up some love. We always try to get at least 10 likes/comments on a post before we boost it. This is how you are going to stretch those dollars further. The more likes/comments you have prior to boosting the post, the better your reach will be. 

– Pick your target market. The beauty of ads is that you can pinpoint the kind of people you want it to go out to. Make sure you are paying attention to the criteria you are selecting. Don’t waste your money on pushing things out to people who are not in your target market. 

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little nugget of gold that many people don’t know about. Are you ready? 

:: BONUS TIP :: Once your ad is complete, go to your post and click on the likes it got! It will then bring up a full list of people that have liked your post- some may already be a fan of your page, but we are guessing many have not. But now, you can invite those people to like your page!

Yes, it’s true! How awesome is that? 

Now, you can use your ad to promote your product, reach your target market, and turn those people into fans. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go try it! 

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It’s safe to say that you have probably stumbled upon Facebook’s insights by now, whether it was by accident or on purpose. However, with all those numbers, the feature can seem like more of a curse rather than a blessing. How are you suppose to keep anything straight with all those graphs and numbers all over the place?!

We know your eyes probably start to feel a little funky after staring at those numbers, trying to make sense of it all, so we are going to help you out!

The top three things to look at on Facebook insights are:

1. When Your Fans Are Online
This fun little feature can be found under the ‘Posts’ section of your insights. It has a handy graph that not only tells you the top days to be posting, but the top times for each of those days. All you have to do is scroll over the day and you will see a new graph appear to show you the hot times. It’s as simple as that! Honest!

Why do we, at tena.cious, think this is so cool? Because we know that you don’t want to hear crickets when you post something out there. If you narrow down the best times to post, it’s more likely that you will be get that engagement rockin’.

2. Post Types 
This can also be found under ‘Posts’. The hot things to interact with on Facebook are photos. (Visually stimulating post typically have a lot more engagement.) At the bottom of that list are links. But don’t forget, there are always exceptions to the rules!

It’s important to look at what kind of posts are keeping your fans coming back for more. This will tell you the types of posts (i.e. statuses, photos, links) that are getting the most engagement so you can keep it up.

3. Engagement 
This is might seem a little overwhelming when you first see it on the right hand side of the ‘Overview’ tab, but don’t get scared off! We want to see if what you are doing is working, because you all know how much we love engagement here at tena.cious. But, this is where you can see your effort paying off. This handy-dandy section gives you a quick breakdown of the following numbers of the week prior: people engaged, percent of engagement, new likes, number of comments + shares, and post clicks. If these numbers are not where you want them to be, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. *Hint, Hint! This is where you’d want to go back to timing and post types!*

There are so many other things you can be looking at in the insights, but we know most of them will lead to a headache. So if you are like us at tena.cious, stop stressing about the numbers and focus on what really matters; the relationships!

Bi-Line Angie


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Do you ever see someone’s picture come up in your newsfeed that you don’t know? It’s because they tagged one of your friends in their picture.

Why am I pointing this out? Because if you have a business page, this type of action is going to help you reach way beyond your current audience.

That’s right, just when you thought you had to dip into your 401k to pay for exposure, Facebook redeemed themselves. So what exactly does this mean?

When you tag a brand or celebrity in a post on your fan page, it has the potential to reach out to both fan bases. For example, if tena.cious tags Marie Forleo in a post, it could go out to both fan bases. That’s over 135k people getting some tena.cious love!

This won’t be true to all posts. If you tag Beyoncé, don’t expect it to necessary go out to her 54 million peeps.  The content needs to make sense and as more information comes out about it, I’m sure there will be some regulations that come to light.

Facebook has not rolled out this feature to everyone yet, but just sit tight! When it is available to you, make sure to take advantage of this little gem!

Who are you going to tag? Tweet it at me.

Bi-Line Angie


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We all know the old saying “It takes a village to raise a child.”

This might not be too far off when it comes to your social media. It seems that now it takes a team to make a successful impact for your brand in the online world. Think about it, how many admins do you have in control of your fan page? If you need to use your toes to count them, you might want to do some house cleaning. (But that’s a whole other topic!)

With so many cooks in the kitchen, it can be hard to know who is doing what. But have no fear, Facebook is here to help.

I know what you are thinking, “No! Not ANOTHER change to Facebook!” But before you get too upset, this is actually a good thing… really, I promise!

Facebook recently released this message:

Starting Feb. 20, the names of admins will show next to their posts and comments. This will be visible to anyone with an admin role on your page.

So what does this mean for your business?

Obviously, this will help identify who does what on the page. You can better control your page, make sure people are posting correct content and it takes away from the telephone game of who did what. (We all know how that game can end up.) Some companies are even looking at this as a way to see who the real social guru of their company is based on the engagement.

Are you excited yet? Hopefully you will be seeing this feature on your page soon. However, if you don’t see it right away on the 20th, don’t start panicking. In true Facebook fashion, they are testing it out on bigger pages first.

Bi-Line Angie


Ps. I want to know when YOU get it. Tweet to us at @tena_cious to tell us when you do!

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