You know those things you can spot from a mile away? The ones that stand out so badly they hurt your eyes? No matter what profession you are in, it is natural for you to catch the mistakes that others are making. It may sound a bit strange but this is actually your gift. 

Lately, I have consulted with a few new clients and it seems that many of them are making the same mistakes online. 

I figured that they couldn’t be alone so I thought I would share some common online errors in case you too are making them.  

I decided to break it down into sections, so here we go:
Website »»» Broken links. Many of you have social media links that don’t actually go to your direct page. Check it. Fix it. Check it again. 

Facebook Personal Page »»» No link from your personal page to your business page. You have the ability to link your business page from your personal. Make sure this is visible to everyone and not just your friends. Need an example? Check out mine. Not sure how to change it? Visit our Social Rockstar Community Facebook page and ask! 

Facebook Groups »»» Spamming. Stop tossing your blogs and images in other peoples groups. Use these groups to engage with others by answering and asking questions to soak up knowledge. 

Facebook Business Pages »»» Boosting posts. This form of advertising on Facebook is simply not valuable. If you have Q’s about Facebook ads, we have a billion resources to share with you + you can purchase our Facebook Ad Guide if your little heart so desires. 

Twitter »»» Connecting your Facebook to Twitter. For the love of everything, stop. Just stop. Please (and I mean pretty please) disconnect this feature. Go to to make it stop.

LinkedIn »»» No profile photo. Yes, this is a real thing. I see peeps daily that have no photo on their LinkedIn profile. C’mon, this is like wearing your pajamas to work… it says that you don’t really want to be there by putting forth little effort into your page. I am a huge fan of shutting down sites that don’t get my full attention. 

Instagram »»» Posting too often. This site isn’t a spot to dump your entire album of photos. Pick your best photo each day, hashtag it up, and hit post. 

Pinterest »»» Empty boards. If you create a new board, make sure that it is actually worthy of having its own board. That means if you have a board with less than 5 pins, it probably isn’t worthy. 

Google + »»» The fact that you still use it. Don’t waste your time. 

These were only a few of the common mistakes that I see. Quick, easy, and painless changes that will make a significant difference to improve your online presence. 

I would absolutely LOVE to hear the simple changes you are going to make today! Hit reply to share your thoughts with me. 

Before I let you go, I must share with you a FREE virtual workshop that I am hosting with my favorite coach + mentor, Ursula Mentjes. We are going to teach you how to up-level your ability to sell on + offline. Join us here.

much love,
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Between all the emails you immediately delete, and the ones you’re actually interested in, falls a different kind of email. The one with actually valuable information. LinkedIn recently shot an email over to users that they have been “invited to publish on LinkedIn”. Initially, I was clueless as to the actual results of this feature. But, I’m happy to inform you that this is some pretty sweet stuff.

LinkedIn Publisher is effectively an in-house blog. You know how once you post something on LinkedIn it seems to disappear? Publisher ties each post directly to your profile; this enables people to see what original content you have created, regardless of how long ago it was. As I’ve mentioned before, I work with clients who have YouTube videos — thankfully, you can embed video into your blog post! If you have a graphic included in the post, LinkedIn will use that as the featured image for the blog post.

Looking for another reason to give LinkedIn Publisher a shot? People get notifications when you’ve published a blog! Admittedly, I’m the LinkedIn nerd in the office (does that really surprise anyone?), but give this thing a chance! As is often the case, the more interaction people have with a post, the more likely it is that others will see it. When Angie posted her most recent blog on her profile, she had over 100 views within the hour. Now, almost 700 people have clicked on it, 49 people have liked it, and it has received 12 comments — some from people outside of her network! Not only is Angie using LinkedIn to tell people she is an expert in her field, but this helps her show others why.

The more that people use Publisher, the less viewed and important this tool may be– I’m just guessing here. For now, though, it is excellent at getting more traction on Linkedin. It is as simple as clicking the pencil button in the box where you would usually post updates, and going to work on it.

If you have original content and an eye for trying out the ‘next big thing’, give this a shot.

Final note: PLEASE, please, please keep it professional. This is LinkedIn, after all. Connect with me on there, I’d love to see if you try it out!

Bi-Line Camille

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Have you ever gotten a message on LinkedIn that you know was not targeted for you? Yet, people think the best way to send out a message would be to send it to all of their connections. Annoying, right? You might almost be to the point where you are ready to disconnect.
There is a better way, people! And I am here to tell you how.
Instead of clicking through all those connections, start filtering who your messages are going to. Your fingers will thank you, too.
If you are you having an event in a specific area, why wouldn’t you only want to target the connections who live near by. Someone from Florida doesn’t want to know about our Strategy Workshop, but people in the Twin Cities area do!
So here are a few steps to better target your LinkedIn messages + keep those relationships strong. 
1. Go up to “Network”.
2. Select “Contacts”.
3. Click on “Filter by _____” and select which filter you would like to use.
4. Once those connections come up, you can either “Select All” or refine the list more by clicking on the check box next to the person’s name within that category.
5. At the top, click on the little envelope “Message”.
6. Write your magic message!
Don’t forget to double check to make sure all of the people in your message should be getting that message. The last thing you want to do is be labeled as a spammer! 

Have any questions about this? Connect with me on LinkedIn!

Bi-Line Angie


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So I know it’s not popular. It’s definitely not the hot young thing that Twitter is (or Vine, or Snapchat). LinkedIn is the cut-and-dried answer to social networking.

Privacy? Not as big of a concern as on other platforms.
Compromising photos? Only if you add them (we suggest you don’t),
Scandalous comments? We’re not sure you can get that scandalous in a recommendation on someone’s page. But maybe you can?

LinkedIn is the person at a party that never talks. But man, does LinkedIn listen when it’s important. In fact, it doesn’t want anything that isn’t relevant to a very particular part of your life. That’s why I love it. It’s basic.

So how are you supposed to leverage LinkedIn for all it is worth? By keeping up to date on it, of course. And, knowing what changes come up. I’m talking about 2 things specifically:

In the past, messages were cumbersome and if you wanted to send them to more than 50 people, you were out of luck. Now, it’s much slicker.  Follow these steps: Simple —-> Network—->Contacts—>Filter by: (Tag or Location are the most helpful in my opinion).

You can now “select all” and send a message to all the members in a geographical area (we’re the ‘Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul Area’ over here).  The same goes with people you’ve specifically tagged (maybe you’ve tagged them as ‘potentials’?), now you can send them all a message in a cool few keystrokes. People connected with you on LinkedIn for a reason, and that reason is to leverage those networks as much as possible. Everyone is in it for the same reason on this platform.

Secondly, the Ever-Neglected Company Page is facing some pretty serious changes. LinkedIn is eliminating the Product and Services pages, including the customer-validated recommendations for the products and services. All these changes are headed over to the Showcase Page of a company. Counter-intuitively, the recommendations/products/services will not migrate to these pages, consequently putting those who have invested time and energy in them in a bit of a bind.

The intention behind the Showcase Page is now bad, as it is intended to provide administrators with a better way of targeting certain audiences, and providing a page “designed for spotlighting a brand, business unit, or initiative”. However, smaller businesses might have a harder time deciding what necessitates a Showcase Page and what does not. In LinkedIn’s (somewhat successful) attempt to be slick, they’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater. 

It seems possible to me now that my love affair with the simplicity of LinkedIn may be coming to a close.
Let me know what you think! Tweet at me @occupycamille!

Bi-Line Camille

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Top 10 Reasons College Grads Should Rock Their LinkedIn Profile

Emily Blankenship | Social Account Manager

So you just graduated, I know the feeling! Having just graduated this May, I get it. The last thing you are looking for is another “homework” assignment, but hear me out.

It is August. That means it has been approximately three months since graduation. Everyone around us is talking about school starting again, buying supplies and complaining about summer ending. We can’t even walk into Target without being bombarded with school. But come September, you won’t be going back. So what will you being doing?

No matter how employed you are (you’re making money doing something you know how to do, you’re making money doing something you can fake knowing how to do, or you’re becoming an expert on daytime television like so many of the recent grads), you should take some time to rock your LinkedIn profile. Here’s why:

     1. It is a professional Facebook! After years in college, we have all become networking junkies. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that will help grow your professional contacts/connections. Don’t lose touch with all those professors you impressed and colleagues you have worked with, stay connected.

     2. You just graduated. Get recommendations! LinkedIn allows you to ask for quick recommendations from any connection you have. Your professors, employers, organizations leaders, coaches, etc. know you best. Ask them to write a recommendation for you while you are still fresh in their memory. Using LinkedIn is quicker than asking for a formal recommendation letter.

     3. LinkedIn helps you define your skills and experiences. Sure you have a degree in something, but what does that mean? What exactly can you do with it? Let people know. LinkedIn helps you identify and differentiate yourself through your skills and experiences.

     4. Figure out how to get where you want to be. We all have some dream job, an ending destination but have no clue how to get there. You want to be the CEO of a Fortune 500, to own a pet store, or build your own company from the ground up. Use LinkedIn to figure out what career paths others have taken. Think of it as a GPS system for you career.

     5. Make use of your friend’s connections. We all have that friend that is always in the right place at the right time, who knows the right people to make things happen. Take advantage of that. LinkedIn shows you how you are connected to people you want to know (i.e. potential employers). You can ask friends to connect you with others. It’s a way to get your foot in the door with that new employer.

     6. Get Employed.LinkedIn is your online resume. Not only do companies post job opportunities on LinkedIn, but LinkedIn will provide daily notifications of recommended jobs for you. Not to mention, 78.3% of hiring companies used LinkedIn to find potential candidates or to post openings. They are finding you! What else can you ask for?

     7. Apply with the click of a button. Fill out your profile once, apply to hundreds of jobs. We all know just how long applications take. Many businesses now have an “apply with LinkedIn profile” button that pre-fills many, if not all, of the categories on the application. Instead of spending hours retyping your name, education details, recent work experiences- click a button to do it for you. More applications give you a better chance at finding something.

     8. Get a behind the scenes look at the company. You can do research into a company you are applying for using LinkedIn. Even better, you can contact somebody who works there currently and ask them for all the details. Arm yourself with knowledge, every interviewer loves hearing you already know all about their company.

     9. Show off what you know. You just paid how much money to get a college degree, put that knowledge to good use! Discussion boards and LinkedIn Groups give you a chance to make new connections and to demonstrate your knowledge. Not to mention showing potential employers or colleagues your willingness and able to contribute to an adult conversation.

     10. You know more people than you think you know. Just because you have never met someone doesn’t mean you can’t connect with them. Alumni from your school love to help recent grads get on their feet. They have been there before and came out on top. Connect with them and ask them for advice, you will be surprised where it might take you.

Now get to it! Tonight at 2 a.m. when you should be sleeping but are up pondering what you are going to do with your life, log on and get LinkedIn.

It will pay off. Promise.

Head over to LinkedIn now.

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