You know those things you can spot from a mile away? The ones that stand out so badly they hurt your eyes? No matter what profession you are in, it is natural for you to catch the mistakes that others are making. It may sound a bit strange but this is actually your gift. 

Lately, I have consulted with a few new clients and it seems that many of them are making the same mistakes online. 

I figured that they couldn’t be alone so I thought I would share some common online errors in case you too are making them.  

I decided to break it down into sections, so here we go:
Website »»» Broken links. Many of you have social media links that don’t actually go to your direct page. Check it. Fix it. Check it again. 

Facebook Personal Page »»» No link from your personal page to your business page. You have the ability to link your business page from your personal. Make sure this is visible to everyone and not just your friends. Need an example? Check out mine. Not sure how to change it? Visit our Social Rockstar Community Facebook page and ask! 

Facebook Groups »»» Spamming. Stop tossing your blogs and images in other peoples groups. Use these groups to engage with others by answering and asking questions to soak up knowledge. 

Facebook Business Pages »»» Boosting posts. This form of advertising on Facebook is simply not valuable. If you have Q’s about Facebook ads, we have a billion resources to share with you + you can purchase our Facebook Ad Guide if your little heart so desires. 

Twitter »»» Connecting your Facebook to Twitter. For the love of everything, stop. Just stop. Please (and I mean pretty please) disconnect this feature. Go to to make it stop.

LinkedIn »»» No profile photo. Yes, this is a real thing. I see peeps daily that have no photo on their LinkedIn profile. C’mon, this is like wearing your pajamas to work… it says that you don’t really want to be there by putting forth little effort into your page. I am a huge fan of shutting down sites that don’t get my full attention. 

Instagram »»» Posting too often. This site isn’t a spot to dump your entire album of photos. Pick your best photo each day, hashtag it up, and hit post. 

Pinterest »»» Empty boards. If you create a new board, make sure that it is actually worthy of having its own board. That means if you have a board with less than 5 pins, it probably isn’t worthy. 

Google + »»» The fact that you still use it. Don’t waste your time. 

These were only a few of the common mistakes that I see. Quick, easy, and painless changes that will make a significant difference to improve your online presence. 

I would absolutely LOVE to hear the simple changes you are going to make today! Hit reply to share your thoughts with me. 

Before I let you go, I must share with you a FREE virtual workshop that I am hosting with my favorite coach + mentor, Ursula Mentjes. We are going to teach you how to up-level your ability to sell on + offline. Join us here.

much love,
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If you’ve seen my Pinterest profile you know how much I love to pin. Racking in over 6,500 pins between my 29 boards on Pinterest, I consider myself something of an expert.

One of the greatest (not really new, but) newly noticed features on Pinterest is the option to ‘send’ a pin.

Sending pins is a fan-freakin-tastic way to keep engagement up on a social platform that otherwise can be so disengaged. Sending pins directly to your followers is a surefire way to make sure they actually see it + don’t miss it in their feed. As an added bonus, sending pins via someone’s email address is a great way to stay connected with a prospective client or raving fan who isn’t on Pinterest yet.


Sending pins from your phone or computer is crazy easy. On the left you will see the screenshot from my phone: to send a pin to someone, simply press and hold on the pin until those three icons come up. The first icon is to re-pin, the second is to like, and the third is to send. On the right you will see the screenshot from the computer: to send a pin to someone you hover over the pin with your mouse and then just click “Send”.


Once you click on that (on either device) you will see a secondary menu pop up with friends names. It will pull up people you interact with most but there is also a field to type in a name or email address. You also have an option to add your own comment by clicking on the speech bubble.

You don’t want to leave the discovery of your pins to chance.
Keep it pinteresting + send your pins.


p.s. connect with me on pinterest!

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