You haven’t lived until you have been to a state fair, and even more specifically the Minnesota State Fair. We joke that the people watching is worth the price of admission and often comment that we wonder where these people are the other 355 days of the year. It is entertainment because many of these people are very different than us.

The thing is, this is why we are intrigued with every little thing. Yes, everything. Just think about it for a minute, if we open our eyes to the differences in people in a positive way (and sometimes even the negative thoughts) – we learn things. Lots of things. « My 4th grade teacher would have scolded me had I written the word ‘thing’ that many times in one paragraph. So for the sake of Mrs. Wallace, I will explain the ‘things’ a bit more.

Tell me this, have you ever just watched a speaker on stage to understand why they do the things they do? Or have you ever listened to a webinar or podcast to figure out the point of their show or understand their offer at the end? Oftentimes 100’s of people could listen to the same show and hear something different. Heck, you may be at the state fair and not even think twice about the zebra print zubaz circa 1989 that the guy in front of you is wearing, because you still have your pair in the bottom of your dresser. We all have a different perspective. We don’t just people watch, we perspective watch.

Understanding why people do what they do is intriguing. We watch gobs of reality tv, learn from ted talks, scroll social media like it’s our job (well… in our case it kinda of is) and we share stories with people over wine, coffee dates and lunches every.single.day.

Why? Because different is truly intriguing. It is easy to throw on the judgement hat, but I want to challenge you not to focus on differences or even similarities – but to find their perspective.

This last month I have spent time interviewing business owners that are doing something a bit different in this world. Maybe not always the craziest industry or brand new idea – but in some way they shifted the perspective on the usual way of doing business. They have truly shined a bit brighter than others in their industry. In these interviews I didn’t just focus on the shiny stuff, cause it is never just bright – sometimes (actually most times) there is a dark and not so shiny spot in our journey as entrepreneurs. You will notice that these business owners persevered through these moments.

Today I introduce to you the ‘Shine Bright’ podcast. I can’t wait to hear how you like it. Listen here »»» bit.ly/ShineBrightPodcast

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I promise we will land on a super legit business experience here, just hang with me for a minute or two.

I know you have heard the statement ‘the shoemakers child goes barefoot’. I oftentimes hear business owners use this excuse. Website designers saying they do their clients work before theirs, therefore their own website sucks. OR maybe the bookkeeper who hasn’t done their own books in a few months.

This isn’t okay.

Like not even a little bit.

Here’s the thing. You know you are losing clients because of this, right? Even if they don’t know your books are not done or your website isn’t fully functioning – you know. You have insecurities around it, you have guilt around it and you lose energy thinking about it.

A few months ago I was meeting with one of my clients, Amanda Walljasper-Tate. Our worlds connect in every way possible. She is a tena.cious client, she is on my doTERRA team and she carries the Hello Life brand in her stores. She is bold, just like me, and she came right out and said ‘you need to wear the lipstick Tena’. Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I wear the lipstick from a brand that I co-founded? I should basically sleep in it… okay maybe not, but you get my point. We need to actually rep the brands we create.

Think of your product as the lipstick. What are you not ‘wearing’ right now? I want you to stop what you are doing, look at your calendar, grab all the people you need and get your lipstick on. Oh and if you want to grab up some actual lipstick, you can do that here.

What will you be working on? Leave a comment so I can hold that accountability for you.

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Actually, please don’t.

This whole ‘hot mess’ era we are now living in is really no badge of honor to be worn. As funny as it may be to hashtag it all day and share the behind the scenes of your craziness, take a small moment before we rag on your current state of life.

Now, let’s be honest – it is funny. Sometimes really funny. But I want you to stand back and ask yourself » Is it really that messy, or are some things really awesome? Cause I am going to go out on a limb here and say that we are letting the brilliance hide behind the #hotmess.

See, a couple of years ago I took the word ‘busy’ out of my vocab. It didn’t serve me, it made me feel unapproachable, and no one asked me to help them.  AND I LOVE helping people. Here is the thing… I replaced that word with ‘crazy’. Do you know the actual description of this word? Um, it isn’t pretty…

Crazy: mentally deranged; demented; insane.
Also: senseless; impractical; totally unsound.


I want nothing to do with that word. Nothing.

The truth is, if we say it (over and over again) – we become it. Whether it is ‘Crazy Busy’ or ‘Hot Mess’ or… you fill in the blank.

Right now, more than ever, this world needs us business owners to throw out the messiness and take every bit of who you are and shine.

We all have bad days, but please let’s start celebrating the great ones.

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Did you get that hit in the gut when you read that good ole title up there? I kind of wish the word ‘should’ could be deleted out of the English language. It has so much ickiness all around it. This one word piles on guilt, a sense of unworthiness and failure.

I am on the home stretch of an amazing week. I started with Mark LeBlanc’s Achievers Circle and ended it with dōTERRA’s Leadership Conference. All super high achieving individuals in each room and a lot of ‘shoulds.’

» I should be speaking on bigger stages but…

» My business should be farther along but…

» I should be at a higher rank but…

» I probably should be blogging but…

Oh my goodness STOP.

People get this feeling that they are doing it all wrong, setting goals too high and burning out. Are you these people?

I will be honest, I have ‘should’ on myself too. It got me nowhere. You know what did? Setting an achievable goal, taking action every day and loving where I am at.

What ‘should’ are you getting rid of?

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7 years ago I bought a new phone. Of course I have bought several since, but 7 years ago was a memorable one. It wasn’t smart.

Yes, you read that right – at the start of tena.cious, a social media company, I bought a non-smart phone. The thing is, it wasn’t all that strange of a decision. My choices at the time were fairly limited and I knew a small handful of people that had taken the leap to smart.

It wasn’t that I didn’t think this was the way of the future, I simply just didn’t know a whole lot about them and my decision making process was ‘go with what I know’ and ‘go with what I don’t know.’ Fairly simple decision.

But I changed it.

I went to lunch with a good friend, who had a smart phone. He showed me the capabilities and basically told me I was ridiculous to think I could run a company without one.

So of course, I wasn’t about to be a ridiculous business owner. Duh.

But it wasn’t peer pressure that swayed my decision – it was the fact that things change. We change.

Now this story is an example of an easy change, but not all change is easy.

The reason? Usually we have a viewpoint that we have to shift.

Writing that line above was pretty easy – living that out, not so much.

This past month I realized I was hanging on way too hard to one simple thought, I was so wrapped up in it, it was stunting my growth financially and mentally.

Want the story? Tune in next week. For real. #cliffhanger

shine bright,

Ps. I’ve got to know, what things have shifted or changed in your life recently? #hitreply

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Is 2017 going to be YOUR year? I bet you are planning like crazy. You have the marketing plans laid out (at least in your mind), your sales goals have been picked out for months, you already know which events and conference you will be attending… the list goes on and on, right?

But what about December?

I think it just may be the forgetting month.

We fall in to the Holiday craziness, wrap this limiting belief around the myth that people don’t buy things in December and we decide to just use December to plan for January.

What if we used December to rock December?

Today I pulled myself out of the office to map out an entire plan for the rest of THIS month. Not next year.

I oftentimes find myself rushing from one thing to another without truly preparing for the ‘next’ thing. I am pretty darn good at flying from the seat of my pants, but I sat back this last week and said ‘but what if I actually prepared a bit more?’ Like… what if I had my phone charger with me when I knew I had a 2 hour zoom call… or even better yet… what if I had my phone charged BEFORE I had my call. Brilliant, right? But guess what… we can’t be prepared, if we don’t plan.

This doesn’t mean you need to take a whole day like I am, it may just mean you take a couple of hours in the beginning of the month or a few minutes at the start of your day.

So, are you ready to rock December?

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Business is tricky.

Especially before, during and after an election.

Many of us struggle deciding if we should share our views, or not. I went with the ‘not’ part. For me this was out of character from my usual uber transparent self – but here is the reason » respect. I run two+ companies with a number of employees, and we share very different views. I love each and every one of these gals. I don’t mind one bit that they share their views – I just couldn’t speak for them.

As a leader of people, and truly the face of my companies – I felt the need to stand neutral for the sake of my people.

Now don’t read that as judgement if you did happen to share a view or two. We all have our own reasons.

The thing is, I know several of you shared, and because of this you may have lost friends, clients and maybe even family members. Whether that be in person, simply a Facebook friend clicking that ‘unfriend’ button or maybe you are the one that walked away. It hurts, but it’s going to be okay.

I know that may sound really lack luster and a little harsh even – but it is okay.

I could tell you that you didn’t need them or they didn’t need you, but I believe that is a lie. We need each other. We need people around us that have different views, different values and different gifts. It is necessary for our world to go round.

I want to encourage you to have an open mind, to find places to relate and not separate. Right now this is what our country needs.

Yesterday we had a number of employees distraught. Tears were shed, but friendships weren’t. We ate cake (thanks Amy), tried to lighten the mood a bit and looked for all the good we could.

I believe we have created a safe place for all to share their lives, views and hearts. For this, I am proud.

If you were unfriended, I am sorry.

we got this,


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As much as I love social media and see so many benefits – I also loathe it.

One reason for this harsh thought is disconnection. Yes, the one thing that is supposed to connect us all has actually, in some cases, separated us more. Why? People become ‘friends’ with complete strangers quicker than my elementary kids do on the first day of school. There isn’t even a need to say hello – just hit accept.

Guilty. I usually take a glance at our mutual friends, see if the person looks fairly normal and voila, friends. I know I am not alone. Why? The amount of people that have reached the 5,000k limit is astounding. Accept, accept, accept, accept, creeper, accept…

Now, I get that many have had an incredible impact on people they hardly know. I love this part. The part I don’t love is that I truly only want to be connected to people that actually care – the ones that will miss me, even if only slightly.

Or better yet, what if I only gave time to the people that will miss me?

Definition of the word ‘miss’ »»» to notice the loss or absence of.

NOTICE is the key word here.

Guess, what? My husband notices me. My kids notice me. My employees notice me. My family notices me. My friends notice me. My clients notice me. And all of these people also notice when I am gone, not like forever, but when I am not around for awhile. They call, they text, they send help.

So maybe we turn off a few notifications, unfriend or just simply unfollow. Cause would you really miss them?

you got this,

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It is time.

It is time we step up.

It is time we step up and lead.

Leading feels lonely. Oftentimes we envision the act of leading with a dark abyss in front of us and scared followers behind.

I won’t lie and say I have never felt this way. Developing a brand in 2009 around social media management felt incredibly lonely. There wasn’t a term for what we did and even the words ‘social media’ were not yet used. I approached potential clients stumbling over my words and left with confusion on both sides. I knew I was leading – I just didn’t really know who or what yet.

It was lonely.

It wasn’t until I realized that other leaders, leading other tribes, were actually my people too. As the fog lifted and I was able to look from side to side, I saw them.

Guess what?

They felt lonely too.

When we dropped our guards, admitted we were in the same boat (maybe just paddling a little differently) and came together – we realized we are far from alone. These people I met in the early years of tena.cious are are the ones I still meet with for coffee – the ones that help me feel connected. We lead together.

Even when it is scary.

One of these fine friends wrote an incredible message today, in the midst of the craziness and I just had to share. Thank you George Kansas for this:

Light bringers and way showers, bring your light brighter than ever. Speak your truth, louder than ever. Walk your way, more straight than ever!
It’s never been needed more. It’s never been required more.
It’s our time to lead.

Lock arms, lift your head and proceed.

we got this,

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Who are you following?

Even if you have classified yourself as a leader – you still follow.

For us ‘D’ types, this may be a hard one to swallow.

I am going to be real honest here, I had a super difficult time admitting that I could learn from others in this whole social media world. I am a bit addicted to learning, but when it came to ‘my’ industry I just couldn’t find a resource to teach me what I didn’t already know. I took online classes from expert after expert and although some things were great reminders, nothing was moving the needle forward for me.

So, you can understand why it would be difficult to believe I could actually follow someones lead on this topic.

Until I ran across a Facebook ad for an Instagram Challenge by Jenna Kutcher. For one, very few ads catch my attention these days ’cause to be honest, I really don’t need another ‘how to’ tossed in my inbox. I am sure I am not alone when I say that not only do I not need it – I don’t want it. I also didn’t know her, at all. She was a new face to me entirely.

There was something different about her. Jenna had all the right wording and incredibly eye catching visuals. I signed up. Clearly I was her ‘ideal client’ – there were many others, similar to me in the challenge already.

Oh and not only did I sign up for the challenge, I was engaged during the 7 days and purchased her Instagram course at the end of her email and webinar sequence. The awesomeness didn’t stop at the challenge – the course was amazing and opened my eyes like very few online courses have.

For one, I actually did the work (see @hellogorglife for a true representation of what I learned) and for another – I found a new leader.

She is totally bringing light to the online course industry that I thought was slowly fading.

This leader needs leaders.

we all got this,

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