Your time is precious. Now I know that statement isn’t all that earth shattering, but I think we all need to hear it again.

YOUR time is precious.

In a day you have 24 hours or 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds.

Some days I feel as if I have 86,400 on my to-do list and that doesn’t include the things OTHER people want me to do. Can you relate?

Sometimes words don’t have a whole lot of meaning for me until I relate them to another area of my life.

As I sit here at my cabin with my fam of 5, I hear my kiddos playing and the word precious comes to life.

My youngest Tenly runs over to me and the conversation goes as follows:

‘Mama, watchya doin?’

‘Writing my blog.’

‘What’s a blawwwg?’

‘Well, in a blog you write your thoughts and you share it with people – and right now I am writing about you.’

‘Were you writing about when I was in your tummy last morning?’

Kids are precious, and so is your time.

Today I want you to reflect on more than how ridiculously cute kids are, I want you to focus on how you use your seconds.

I was told this past week by a colleague that I am a rare business owner. Well, I coulda told you that. His reason for saying this »  was that I don’t work 60+ hours a week but yet have a successful and growing biz. I was a little shocked. I was sitting in a room with 10 biz owners and they joked that 60 hours was nothin’ – try 80.

I did not sign up for that non-sense and I hope you didn’t either.

My secret? Well it isn’t so secret cause I share it anytime someone will listen.

I delegate.

Now, I think many people confuse delegate with the word abdicate, which means to leave the position of being a king or queen or to relinquish power.


This girl is not giving up no power or the position of queen – ha.

… and I hope you won’t either.

Delegation is oh so much cooler than that » delegate: to give responsibility to someone : to trust someone with a job or duty.

There are some key words here: give » responsibility » trust.

A couple of limiting beliefs that I have had in the past, and you may have now is that it is simply easier to just do it yourself OR if you don’t do it, it won’t get done right.  Now, that all may be true – but it doesn’t give you room to grow or the people around you.

As I wrote that, I can literally hear your response.

‘But I don’t have people.’


‘How do I find people that I can give responsibility to and trust them?’

All good thoughts and before I share that solution I want you to grab a spreadsheet and make 4 columns.

  1. $10
  2. $100
  3. $1,000
  4. $10,000

Now write down every single thing you do each day and sort them into these 4 columns. These tasks can be completed by SOMEONE ELSE for that price.

There are things you do each and every day that fall into those first two categories that NEED to be delegated as soon as you possibly can. Your time is precious – and it is time that you need to take back.

The next Q? How do you find these peeps? Next Wednesday I am sharing How to delegate your social media on ANY budget. To be honest, these lessons I am sharing can be applied to a number of different areas of your biz. I would love for you to join me and invite those around you that are desperate to take back their time.

As I was wrapping up my time working for the day, Tenly runs over to me and says ‘Did you tell them how cute I am too?’ I think we covered that, didn’t we?


Now go grab up that precious time, I know I will be.

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