You know how they say that pet owners start to look strangely similar to their furry friends? Well, if you haven’t heard that, just google it for a great laugh. It’s true.

I’ve heard Tena say it before + I couldn’t agree more, not only do we start acting like the people (and pets) around us but we are influenced by just about everything surrounding us.

So wouldn’t it be nice if we just hung around our website long enough that IT would start to look like US? I mean, who needs a graphic designer? ha!

Well the story doesn’t quite go that way, in fact sometimes the exact opposite happens. We start to look like it. You know that moment you hand out your biz card and you have website shame and you actually say it out loud? Tena hears this often since people know this is kind of our thing. (psssst… we design websites every.single.day. #funfact) 

When I first heard about tena.cious, I couldn’t have been more excited to get my name on that interview sheet being passed around my college classroom. The professor was describing these totally awesome chicks that ran the social media world + were totally passionate about good design. Hello — this was me! 

First things first, I jumped on their website … and totally, honestly … was shocked. What was this etched St. Paul skyline + grungy logo in the top left corner? Who were these ladies? It just wasn’t what I expected.

Shortly after I became a full time employee of tena.cious, I finally had the guts to push Tena for a redesign. Honestly, it didn’t take much, she knew this site + branding wasn’t reflecting who we were. 

That’s seriously so big peeps — your website is how people get introduced to you for the first time.

So, now, as much as I love creating a brand + website for people just like you, we know we can’t physically help everyone. But Tena and I have some quick tips to help you with your website shame.

»» I wasn’t kidding, Who are you? Wrap up you, your biz, your heart in a perfect little bow. Now this is how you want your brand, your website, your words, to come across to people.

»» What words describe how you feel when you look at your current branding? Is this how you want people to feel? If not, take a peek back up at who you are, pull out some distinct words — these are your focus.

»» Focus on the hierarchy. Websites are long + flat, no matter what level designer you’ve got up your sleeve (we’re talking about a computer screen here people), so it’s your job to point the viewer in the exact direction you want them to go.

»» What is making your business different than others? Highlight this, it’s going to set you apart.

Because just like us, you’re not out there in this crazy biz world to help every.single.person. Focus on you + who you are, and guess what — you’ll attract the right peeps.

Don’t let your website change who you are, it’s time for the pretty dog you are to shine through 😉

Got website Qs? You know we’ve got answers. Leave a comment + we’ll be sure to reply!

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Tena has started hosting a leadership lunch once a month for team tena.cious. At our last lunch we talked about where creativity and great ideas come from.

We made a list of the things that we do to find inspiration when we’re feeling meh.

We thought you might like to hear what we came up with and then share your ideas with us!

Creativity and great ideas come from »»

» listening to other people’s opinions
» stepping outside the project
» walking away or taking a break
» stop looking at the computer
» setting boundaries around work
» starting the day with a mind-dump
» not starting the day with email
» collaborating with others
» getting in a new space
» working out

These are some of the things that work for our team! Leave a comment and tell us what works for you!


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Let’s talk about branded photography. Have you noticed how your social media posts get way more engagement when there is an image attached? This is because your fans connect with imagery. They believe what they see.

When you host an event for your biz, it is SO important that you snap some good quality images. If you tend to forget, delegate this task to a friend or an employee.

As the go-to photog at tena.cious, I’d like to share a few tips with you on capturing your brand in the best light »»

1. » Try to find good lighting. This is key!

2. » The image needs to be crisp and clear so that we can easily see what’s going on.

3. » The pic must tell a story or show emotion.

4. » Does the image make sense with your brand? If not, it can be shared on your personal social channels!

Make it your goal to snap 5 pics at every event you attend. Then watch your engagement increase. 🙂


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There is so much potential for your brand on Facebook. It gets way more exciting than just posting, commenting + checking insights.

As you may know, it’s hard to get your Facebook biz page in front of a lot of peeps due to the algorithm, but at the same time you want to be generating constant awareness for your brand so that your fans will start to remember you. They’ll remember you when they see you showing up often + in more than one place. This is why it’s super important that you are interacting on Facebook in more ways than one.

1. One way is Facebook groups. We love groups! They bring peeps together and build community. We suggest that you pick 3 Facebook groups that relate to you + your brand and interact in them frequently.

2. The way to get your Facebook biz page in front of new fans is with Facebook Ads! With a very small budget, you can run ongoing ads to help generate leads or send people to your website. These ads won’t be promoting a specific sale or event that you have going on. Instead, their objective will be to generate awareness and make potential clients trust you + love you!

3. An important part of Facebook Ads is Facebook pixel. It’s basically a tracking code that goes on your website (our rockin’ web gal, Amy, can help install this). With this we are able to target a very specific audience on Facebook based off of peeps that have been to your webpage or blog. It’s a great way to capture people who aren’t already on your mailing list or fans of your Facebook business page and peeps who are randomly searching for your service.

Leave a comment and let us know what Facebook groups you hang out in!


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Two weeks ago we told you that we’re obsessed with Instagram. We explained what the grid is and why it’s important to plan it out ahead of time.

Social media is constantly changing, which makes our jobs exciting! The newest thing is Instagram stories.

What the heck are these stories? And how should you use them to promote your brand?

Add to your story as often as you’d post on Twitter (5-10 times a day). Take quick short fun videos of your daily life behind-the-scenes. Your fans will totally love to see what you do on a day-to-day basis

Your story only lasts for 24 hours and then it disappears, so don’t spend too much time planning your story content. It should be “in the moment,” fun + show off your brand’s personality! This is the social place that you can experiment, take a few risks and  have fun!


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Since birth, or maybe shortly after, we have been conditioned to see differences in people.

Walking in a room and either shaming ourselves for not wearing the ‘right’ thing or judging that new hair color on the person handing out name tags. Don’t lie — We have all been there. (Unless of course your name is Jesus, therefore you are perfect, no need to read on.)

We could get in to some deep stuff here but I prefer to keep it a little lighter and toss this into the business realm. For today anyways.

As our company has grown both financially and in employee count, I have to be honest here, it has been difficult to continue to attend the same networking groups, because it felt that no one could relate with my similar issues.

I have scoured the Twin Cities to find people that are in the exact same spot as me. « This is sort of laughable, cause that statement is relative, right?

Here is the deal. I was at a conference in California and I mentioned this, exact ‘issue’, stating that I needed to play in a bigger space, which I know is a common statement said by many.

I was stopped in my tracks when someone said ‘How can you relate and not separate Tena?’  Talk about a humbling moment.

I could feel my mind racing back to conversations and events where I wasn’t fully present because I was focused on the separating and not so much the relating. In fact, by doing this, I was separating myself even more.

The thing is — this swings both ways. There have been plenty of times I have thought ‘I am not exactly worthy of being here’ or ‘this person has WAY more going for them than I do’.

Either side you fall on, I know you can relate.

I want to challenge you, the next time you walk into a room (either physically or virtually) put on your ‘I am going to find ways I relate with this person or group hat’.

I get that sometimes it’s stretch, but I promise this small shift in perspective will change your everyday experiences.

Speaking of relating, I know there had to be tons of you nodding your head + totally agreeing with these words … you know how it goes — leave a comment and share with me what came to mind when reading this.

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