Since late March, I have been praying for May to be here.

See, in March I made the decision to close the doors of a business I had only owned for a bit over a year. All of the emotions have been swirling around. I have been reminded of the excitement I once had for that business, the marketing ideas, the people and their passions, my love for main street business… as much as my heart wants to be pulled in to regret I know it wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right one.

After spending 3 days with business owners at the before. conference, I realized that what I thought was thinking/playing big by purchasing the salon, was actually playing small. See, I had to put all of my focus on ONE business. When I looked over the 100+ business owners in the room I knew that this is what I was put here to do.

Kristen Brown spoke and asked us to write down 3 words that we wanted to be known for. Mine? Awesome (cause duh), Inspiring and Generous.

and we were reminded by Tracey Winn Steivang to add margin in to our life… you know… to be able to actually HAVE the time to be those things so people can say those 3 words about you.

Although I had already made the decision to close the salon, the confirmation from every.single.speaker that I made the right one was exactly what I needed.

Kit Welchlin shared with us that when people hit burn out, it takes them 2+ years to get back in the game… I know I didn’t hit this, thankfully. But I did take the last 2+ days to just be. To hang out with my kiddos and to find those moments where I shine the brightest.

At the end of the conference I wrapped it all up with a story of my journey over the last year, challenging people to shine their very brightest and to not let the comparison trap or the negative nellies get in the way.

I shared that my oldest, Preslynn, had told me that one day she wanted to be famous. When I asked her what that meant to her, she quickly responded with ‘I want to sing on a stage’. Well… just so happens I had a stage at my conference. As the audience wrote down their shine bright moments and lit a candle, Preslynn bravely graced the stage and SHINED.

Thank you to ALL that were a part of my journey, the salon, the conference – basically all the things.

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Do you ever get to be in a room where you feel so incredibly motivated by the people surrounding you that you can hardly take it?

That was totally what happened last Friday for me at Ursula’s Quantum Sales Summit. The room was packed with business owners who were ready to take their biz to the next level and some who seemed to be setting the bar for everyone else. She flew in a few speakers from across the country, but also had 2 panels of biz peeps who fast tracked their businesses in the last year. Talk about motivating, right?!

I was super humbled to be one of those people on the first panel, but still was in awe of the women I was sitting up there with thinking, “WOW! Do I really get to be grouped with these ah-mazing ladies?!”

We all shared our tips on how we doubled and/or tripled our sales thanks to Ursula and her brilliance. But even I was a little intimidated by some of the goals these other people were fast tracking.

When the second panel got up, Ursula added another question for them to talk about. “What do you do on those days when you feel like giving up?”

Reality Check. Yes, even those people that seem to have it all together and are going to grow to a million dollars or more have those days when they want to throw in the towel. Yet, it’s easy to think that you’re the only one that this happens to. Pst… you’re not!

I can’t stress how important it is that we think about this for a moment and continue the conversation about it. We all have craziness surrounding us + we need to know we are among others who are feeling the same way.

Maybe you’re having one of those days right now- sales aren’t where you want them to be, a client stopped working with you, you feel pressure from your team, you feel like a failure in one way or another… the list could go on and on.

So what are some ways to keep rockin’ your biz?

  1. Have an accountability partner to pull you out of your rut. Yes, you need that biz bestie you can reach out to and be completely honest and raw with. Now, this is not an excuse to get stuck in a pity party- share your frustrations and where you feel stuck, but then pull your big girl biz pants up and take action. If they are a good accountability partner, they will help push you there.
  2. Remember- you are doing something totally freakin’ awesome. Yes, you have something that other people need. And remember, you took your dream and made it a reality. Not everyone can say they’ve done that, so that alone proves you’ve got rockstar status.
  3. Count your blessings. For everything that you think is going wrong, I promise you that there are a 100 things that are going right- even if you don’t want to see it that way. Believe me, I’ve been down in the dumps and want to dwell there vs looking at all the cool people I get to hang with + serve. Rise up and remember what you might think are “failures” are just learning lessons to get you to the next step.

Yes, I have many of these days, but I won’t allow them to keep me down. If you’ve got a tip to keep you rockin’ even when you get down or intimidated by other successful peeps, I want to know.

No one said this biz thing was easy, but you are among the brave that took the leap of faith on this crazy journey to lead you to a life worth living.

Keep going.

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Since birth, or maybe shortly after, we have been conditioned to see differences in people.

Walking in a room and either shaming ourselves for not wearing the ‘right’ thing or judging that new hair color on the person handing out name tags. Don’t lie — We have all been there. (Unless of course your name is Jesus, therefore you are perfect, no need to read on.)

We could get in to some deep stuff here but I prefer to keep it a little lighter and toss this into the business realm. For today anyways.

As our company has grown both financially and in employee count, I have to be honest here, it has been difficult to continue to attend the same networking groups, because it felt that no one could relate with my similar issues.

I have scoured the Twin Cities to find people that are in the exact same spot as me. « This is sort of laughable, cause that statement is relative, right?

Here is the deal. I was at a conference in California and I mentioned this, exact ‘issue’, stating that I needed to play in a bigger space, which I know is a common statement said by many.

I was stopped in my tracks when someone said ‘How can you relate and not separate Tena?’  Talk about a humbling moment.

I could feel my mind racing back to conversations and events where I wasn’t fully present because I was focused on the separating and not so much the relating. In fact, by doing this, I was separating myself even more.

The thing is — this swings both ways. There have been plenty of times I have thought ‘I am not exactly worthy of being here’ or ‘this person has WAY more going for them than I do’.

Either side you fall on, I know you can relate.

I want to challenge you, the next time you walk into a room (either physically or virtually) put on your ‘I am going to find ways I relate with this person or group hat’.

I get that sometimes it’s stretch, but I promise this small shift in perspective will change your everyday experiences.

Speaking of relating, I know there had to be tons of you nodding your head + totally agreeing with these words … you know how it goes — leave a comment and share with me what came to mind when reading this.

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Ever just ditch something or someone NOT on purpose and look back and think – ‘that was the best decision I ever made.’?

So let’s imagine that you actually decided to do this on purpose. Frequently.

Of course I have a little story for you, cause that’s how these points hit home.#takenoteyall

One of the first things I spotted when I purchased Capture Salon was the space NOT being used. Several stylist chairs, but also an area in the corner of the salon was a beautiful pedicure chair, loads and loads of nail colors and every little thing you would need to create a fab look. The thing is, we had one chair. Now there were many reasons I got rid of this service, but let’s be real, who wants to get their nails done by themselves?

Almost instantly I took nail services off of our menu. As I said, there were a few reasons behind it – namely, the revenue generated from this square footage was hardly worth the effort of ringing it through the cash register. The other reason, I had plans gurl!

That plan included one of my very dearest friends, Emily. This girl gives an AMAZING facial. Not just the relaxing type, the ones that change your skin foreva. Love her and her skills. So back to my point… she needed a space to rock this talent. We quickly hired someone to toss up some sheet rock, sold the chair and threw on a beautiful custom made barn door. #openforbusiness

In the first 90 days Emily sold more from her new space than that pedicure station did the entire 3+ years it existed. Did you read that? This may sound obvious, but I see this happening every.single.day in businesses.

So yes, I had a great chair, fabulous polish and a cute space for it » but it wasn’t a fit. By eliminating this one offer, I was able to illuminate a new service, our bank account and Emily.

How can you apply this to your life? Oh, I KNOW you have an offer, an opt-in, or something hanging on for dear life that you need say the whole ‘So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight….’ to. Ready. Set. Illuminate.

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Can we be honest here?  Either I am hearing things in the office, or you just said ‘yes’. 

Here I go a bit on a rampage today… #hearmeout
This journey isn’t for the timid, the weak or the procrastinators.

I am sick of seeing things just kinda done, and I know you are too. This happens because entrepreneurs are IDEA people. It’s okay, this isn’t a bad thing, we need us. Everyone needs us… or at least we like to think so. 

Ideas, though, are often mistaken for opportunities that need to be created. If we tried to implement each and every idea, we would fail. And since there are stats all over the place about the rate of failure in today’s economy for small businesses, I think it is pretty darn easy for you to agree.

So here is the deal, we need to stop pretending we can do it all.

We can’t and we shouldn’t.

Yes, I like to coin myself as the queen of delegation, but even my team can’t take on each idea that pops in to my head (or theirs, for that matter). It would be pure chaos. Okay, if we are being honest… it HAS been pure chaos, until fairly recently.

First we decided it was probably a good idea to only focus on one thing at a time. That kinda freaks me out just writing that, but there is some serious truth in it. This way my team, referral partners, clients and future clients are not confused about our world. It is simple and super easy to understand. Not too many messages and options being flung their way. Easy enough, right?

Second up, we knew that our team could not support our own marketing. I know this might sound ridiculously crazy since THIS IS WHAT WE DO, but it got pushed to the side. I was constantly asking ‘why hasn’t tena.cious talk been posted to LinkedIn in a couple of weeks?’ or ‘why didn’t anyone respond to that Instagram post?’ or ‘why has our header not been updated on Twitter since the before. conference?’… okay, that last one is bad but you get my point, it happens.

Cause we can’t do it all. We have to stop pretending that we can.

If you bit off more than you could chew in a lifetime, admit it. We did.

So, we dumped a few sites. No joke, they just don’t get updated and that is OKAY. We stopped pretending… oh and one more thing…

We hired a full time team member to ONLY rock our brand. #aboutdarntime. Meet Addie. We love her.

I need you to take a little vow with me, ready?

» I promise to not make this whole business thing harder than it has to be.
» I promise to no longer jump on the next crazy band wagon just cause I read somewhere that I should… (even if it is Tena’s weekly tena.cious talk).

» I promise to stop the noise in my head that tells me that I suck and should be doing more than my already exhausted self has taken on.

» I promise to focus on one thing.
» I promise to stop telling myself that I can do it all on my own.

We need idea people, and those peeps need us to lean on them, and to be honest with them. This goes for more than just business, you get that, right?

So we are stopping this whole pretending game and going to start getting real about what we can bite off and what we can’t.

Our team is 150% here for YOU. I know you know this, but I had to say it.

Last week I shared with you the importance of outlining your perfect client AND invited you to jump in our Brand Strategy Workshop. Of course there is room for you if that feels right.

Did you take the vow? Hit reply and share what struck a chord for you.

you got this (with a little help from a friend…),

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