As much as I love social media and see so many benefits – I also loathe it.

One reason for this harsh thought is disconnection. Yes, the one thing that is supposed to connect us all has actually, in some cases, separated us more. Why? People become ‘friends’ with complete strangers quicker than my elementary kids do on the first day of school. There isn’t even a need to say hello – just hit accept.

Guilty. I usually take a glance at our mutual friends, see if the person looks fairly normal and voila, friends. I know I am not alone. Why? The amount of people that have reached the 5,000k limit is astounding. Accept, accept, accept, accept, creeper, accept…

Now, I get that many have had an incredible impact on people they hardly know. I love this part. The part I don’t love is that I truly only want to be connected to people that actually care – the ones that will miss me, even if only slightly.

Or better yet, what if I only gave time to the people that will miss me?

Definition of the word ‘miss’ »»» to notice the loss or absence of.

NOTICE is the key word here.

Guess, what? My husband notices me. My kids notice me. My employees notice me. My family notices me. My friends notice me. My clients notice me. And all of these people also notice when I am gone, not like forever, but when I am not around for awhile. They call, they text, they send help.

So maybe we turn off a few notifications, unfriend or just simply unfollow. Cause would you really miss them?

you got this,

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