Business is tricky.

Especially before, during and after an election.

Many of us struggle deciding if we should share our views, or not. I went with the ‘not’ part. For me this was out of character from my usual uber transparent self – but here is the reason » respect. I run two+ companies with a number of employees, and we share very different views. I love each and every one of these gals. I don’t mind one bit that they share their views – I just couldn’t speak for them.

As a leader of people, and truly the face of my companies – I felt the need to stand neutral for the sake of my people.

Now don’t read that as judgement if you did happen to share a view or two. We all have our own reasons.

The thing is, I know several of you shared, and because of this you may have lost friends, clients and maybe even family members. Whether that be in person, simply a Facebook friend clicking that ‘unfriend’ button or maybe you are the one that walked away. It hurts, but it’s going to be okay.

I know that may sound really lack luster and a little harsh even – but it is okay.

I could tell you that you didn’t need them or they didn’t need you, but I believe that is a lie. We need each other. We need people around us that have different views, different values and different gifts. It is necessary for our world to go round.

I want to encourage you to have an open mind, to find places to relate and not separate. Right now this is what our country needs.

Yesterday we had a number of employees distraught. Tears were shed, but friendships weren’t. We ate cake (thanks Amy), tried to lighten the mood a bit and looked for all the good we could.

I believe we have created a safe place for all to share their lives, views and hearts. For this, I am proud.

If you were unfriended, I am sorry.

we got this,


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