Business is tricky.

Especially before, during and after an election.

Many of us struggle deciding if we should share our views, or not. I went with the ‘not’ part. For me this was out of character from my usual uber transparent self – but here is the reason » respect. I run two+ companies with a number of employees, and we share very different views. I love each and every one of these gals. I don’t mind one bit that they share their views – I just couldn’t speak for them.

As a leader of people, and truly the face of my companies – I felt the need to stand neutral for the sake of my people.

Now don’t read that as judgement if you did happen to share a view or two. We all have our own reasons.

The thing is, I know several of you shared, and because of this you may have lost friends, clients and maybe even family members. Whether that be in person, simply a Facebook friend clicking that ‘unfriend’ button or maybe you are the one that walked away. It hurts, but it’s going to be okay.

I know that may sound really lack luster and a little harsh even – but it is okay.

I could tell you that you didn’t need them or they didn’t need you, but I believe that is a lie. We need each other. We need people around us that have different views, different values and different gifts. It is necessary for our world to go round.

I want to encourage you to have an open mind, to find places to relate and not separate. Right now this is what our country needs.

Yesterday we had a number of employees distraught. Tears were shed, but friendships weren’t. We ate cake (thanks Amy), tried to lighten the mood a bit and looked for all the good we could.

I believe we have created a safe place for all to share their lives, views and hearts. For this, I am proud.

If you were unfriended, I am sorry.

we got this,


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There is so much potential for your brand on Facebook. It gets way more exciting than just posting, commenting + checking insights.

As you may know, it’s hard to get your Facebook biz page in front of a lot of peeps due to the algorithm, but at the same time you want to be generating constant awareness for your brand so that your fans will start to remember you. They’ll remember you when they see you showing up often + in more than one place. This is why it’s super important that you are interacting on Facebook in more ways than one.

1. One way is Facebook groups. We love groups! They bring peeps together and build community. We suggest that you pick 3 Facebook groups that relate to you + your brand and interact in them frequently.

2. The way to get your Facebook biz page in front of new fans is with Facebook Ads! With a very small budget, you can run ongoing ads to help generate leads or send people to your website. These ads won’t be promoting a specific sale or event that you have going on. Instead, their objective will be to generate awareness and make potential clients trust you + love you!

3. An important part of Facebook Ads is Facebook pixel. It’s basically a tracking code that goes on your website (our rockin’ web gal, Amy, can help install this). With this we are able to target a very specific audience on Facebook based off of peeps that have been to your webpage or blog. It’s a great way to capture people who aren’t already on your mailing list or fans of your Facebook business page and peeps who are randomly searching for your service.

Leave a comment and let us know what Facebook groups you hang out in!


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Who doesn’t want to get in front of their target market? Um, isn’t this the point of doing business?

Every single day our team is researching ways to get in front of our target market AND our clients’ target markets. We thought we would share with you a few we thought were worth testing out.

1. Twitter, Duh. But just posting isn’t going to do the trick. You must FIND the people you want to work with. Answer the questions they put out there and RT (ie: share what they are posting, if applicable to your brand and business). Twitter is the one spot you can reach out to just about anyone. Now don’t go getting all crazy and straight up ask people to purchase from you; start the conversation first, build a relationship and then see what happens. This is not a spot for a huge sales push. Some people will say social media isn’t a 50 yard dash, it is a marathon… the thing is, there is never a finish line with social media. We will always be ‘doing it’ in some form or another.

2. Re-Targeting. Ever feel like the world wide web is reading your mind? Well, it kinda is. Companies big and small have the capability of tracking what pages you view on their website. So all of those people that land on your website and never purchase, you can follow them around the web as they go to your website with banner ads + Facebook ads.

3. Facebook Business Pages. No, not just HAVING a Facebook Business Page, that was like so 2009. We want you to use Facebook as your Business Page. This means you can then interact with other business pages. Apply the same Twitter rules as above. Comment on their posts and share as applicable. Not sure how to do this? Here are the simple steps: Go to your business page, click ‘edit page’ and select ‘Use Facebook as (name of your business page)’. Easy enough, right?

Thinking about adding one of these into your current social strategy? Tell us about it on Twitter: @tena_cious

– team tena.cious

P.S. Have other out-of-the-box ways to get in front of your target market? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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Put your tin can away and stop holding that sign.

The begging has to stop.

Your friends and fans are sick of it and frankly we know you are too. You are a passionate business owner but you sound like a panhandler with a piece of ratty cardboard. If you have ever posted ‘Please like my page!’ or ‘Help me get to 100 fans!’ STOP.

Stop begging. Start Seducing.

We know YOU have awesome services and products. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this. So we need a pinkie swear from all of you, a promise that you will never ever beg on your social media platforms… again!  If you are ready for the challenge, tweet to us by clicking here. Pinkies up.

The question now is, how in the heck are you going to start seducing? What do your fans want to hear?

It is simple, they want the same thing YOU want.  Simple content that entertains or helps them solve a problem.

So in the past (it is the past because you pinkie swore you would never do it again), you may have posted something like:

‘We are only 15 fans away from hitting our goal! PLEASE share this post to spread the word!’

When no one shared the post and you lost a fan it was a bit discouraging. We get it.

Now let’s forget about the past and start working on the future of seducing your future fans! We know that that you have more than just a Facebook page and bringing people from those platforms over to Facebook is a great way to grow your fan base. Here is an example of how to do that:

‘2,164 rockin peeps are soaking up the awesomeness on our Facebook page. Join the party here: www.facebook.com/tenaciousedge

Enticing, right?  Now go ahead, test it out and let us know what happens!





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As a small business owner, you may know that networking is a vital key to success. Whether you enjoy going to lunch-ins, BNI’s, or meet-up groups, you know one thing you must have at each– good networking etiquette. The same is true on social media, because that is exactly what it is: a big networking group.

It may take time to prefect your sixty-second commercial in public and same goes for social media. You must get to know your audience and know how to interact with them through a computer rather than face-to-face. This takes time and dedication. At tena.cious, we see 3 different kinds of social networkers. Continue reading The Social Networker

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Mutual friends on Facebook intrigue me. I personally know each and every person I “friend”, I know this is hard to believe since 1,100+ people bombard my wall on a regular basis, but it is true. Facebook can consume you, but I like it. So many things to grab your time and attention but one of my favorite things on Facebook is adding a new friend. The first thing I do: Check mutual friends. Learning about how people are connected is interesting to me. I almost always send out a message to that person asking, “how do you know so-and-so?” I do this every time I add another person to our tena.cious team as well, I find out some fairly interesting things about people. The stories are great and it is really what Facebook is all about, the stories. The six degrees of separation get a little smaller, don’t they? Is it strange that we may have never met but share 30+ mutual friends? Do you and I have mutual friends? Who are they? Let’s dig into the stories! – tena

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