As much as I love social media and see so many benefits – I also loathe it.

One reason for this harsh thought is disconnection. Yes, the one thing that is supposed to connect us all has actually, in some cases, separated us more. Why? People become ‘friends’ with complete strangers quicker than my elementary kids do on the first day of school. There isn’t even a need to say hello – just hit accept.

Guilty. I usually take a glance at our mutual friends, see if the person looks fairly normal and voila, friends. I know I am not alone. Why? The amount of people that have reached the 5,000k limit is astounding. Accept, accept, accept, accept, creeper, accept…

Now, I get that many have had an incredible impact on people they hardly know. I love this part. The part I don’t love is that I truly only want to be connected to people that actually care – the ones that will miss me, even if only slightly.

Or better yet, what if I only gave time to the people that will miss me?

Definition of the word ‘miss’ »»» to notice the loss or absence of.

NOTICE is the key word here.

Guess, what? My husband notices me. My kids notice me. My employees notice me. My family notices me. My friends notice me. My clients notice me. And all of these people also notice when I am gone, not like forever, but when I am not around for awhile. They call, they text, they send help.

So maybe we turn off a few notifications, unfriend or just simply unfollow. Cause would you really miss them?

you got this,

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I do nothing alone.

I mean, let’s be real, I am a Mom (and a dog Mom) – so even the not so private stuff usually includes a peep or two.

The thing is, that statement above makes me happy. It doesn’t make me feel co-dependent, but loved. This isn’t about being a Mom, it is about real inclusion and accountability.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a few days with some amazing women. We all worked on our businesses, not in them, and we set aside the time to be productive. The first thing I knew I had to do was tell them what I expected to complete. Why? I needed them to celebrate with me as I checked those to-do’s off and the biggie was that I needed the accountability. I have been on these sorts of retreats before and accomplished a ton, but I didn’t do it alone.

This small step ensured that there was NO chance of me scrolling Facebook, chatting on the phone with a friend or simply just day dreaming – we were there to work and we held one another accountable while doing it.

What do you need accountability on right now?

We have a great group over here that is just waiting to hear from you. Toss your to-do in here, you never know, someone may be working on the same.exact.thing. Everything is better together.

you got this,

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Time is so stinking valuable.

Oftentimes we sprinkle it around like confetti but we need to get those minutes on lock down. Or those moments, they pass you by. I know, corny, but for real. 

In early 2013 my life took a huge right (or wrong) turn — tena.cious was booming and business was on my mind all.the.time. Hold up … I’ve got 3 kids and a hubby at home vying for my attention.

You can only SAY that family is your priority for so long without taking some serious action.

It literally took 3+ years to shift my thoughts and the thoughts of those around me that I love. I had to take HUGE steps to correct this craziness.

This summer was my shift. I brought my cray cray schedule down to 3 days a week and guess what… life changed. My priorities steered right toward the direction I had always hoped.

You know, being a mom and loving it… well most of the time anyways. No, things are not perfect… obvi. But they are always looking brighter.

During the past few months, I have been 100% MIA from writing to you all and I am unapologetic. My consistency fell right out the window and that is okay. Don’t get me wrong, my kids still saw me on my phone from time to time or with a computer on my lap, but I was home.

This week our school year started and this mama was ready to start with a FULL heart. (and of course a few tears…)

But now, I am welcoming September with open arms, waving to my kiddos from the school bus stop and getting my booty in the office. 

Starting next week you will see some fun stuff happening over here. You might just want to join in, and it is absolutely f.r.e.e.

we got this,

P.S. Oh and leave a comment – I want to know what your September looks like!

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So…who else is totally overwhelmed with the new summer schedule?

I had no idea how much I can totally suck at transition…until this past week landed me right into summer camp and piles-o-laundry. I had the crazy idea to work 3 days a week, take off 2 to hang out with my kiddos, oh yeah, and still run 2 crazy businesses. Brilliant. #saidnooneever

The whole phrase ‘you are only young once‘ really struck a chord with me and this is where the crazy idea came from. No regrets, yet. BUT that whole transition thing has me like ‘meh.’

Monday I got to work at 9:49am. Who starts work at that time? Really. It is basically the afternoon. I am giving myself grace, but my email inbox isn’t offering that same gift.

But as per usual, most peeps around me were worried, including my hubby. He was like ‘Are you sure this is a good idea?‘ or ‘Babe, it might just be a little early for this.‘ Is that a challenge I hear? #accepted

No lie, I had a bit of fear. But honestly, I felt that if the idea came to me, there was a reason. If I decided against it, I would live in a whole bunch of regret and I am certain that I would miss out on some crazy adventure that this big guy upstairs had planned for my little family of five.

My heart has totally opened. I am not sure if you working parents can relate, but sometimes work gets a higher priority than the family. This needed to change and so did I. This was step one.

This past weekend we were at our family cabin and the hubs decided to drive the motorcycle up separate. Preslynn, our 8 year old, has been begging to ride the bike with her Dad. He even bought her a helmet. When we were packing up to leave, she was adamant about jumping on the back. My mama heart was in full struggle mode. So we came to an agreement that she could ride to the end of the cabin road, about 2 miles. We got to the end and I saw her smile and said ‘okay, you can go to the end of the next road‘, which was about 10 miles. When we stopped, I bet you can guess what happened… for you parents out there ‘when you give a mouse a cookie…. they want a glass of milk‘, right?

Preslynn rode all the way home. I watched as she pointed to birds flying, waved at oncoming bikers, talked her Daddy’s ear off, and made friends at each stop light. She had an adventure. My fear almost got in the way.

Imagine all of the time we place our fear on someone else — or even worse, ourselves. What adventure are you stealing?

Kinda scary, right?

Here is to grabbing up every adventure that comes our way, to waving at people we don’t know, and making friends at every intersection. #holdon

P.S. I would love to hear what came up for you while reading this, so leave a comment!
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