Who are you following?

Even if you have classified yourself as a leader – you still follow.

For us ‘D’ types, this may be a hard one to swallow.

I am going to be real honest here, I had a super difficult time admitting that I could learn from others in this whole social media world. I am a bit addicted to learning, but when it came to ‘my’ industry I just couldn’t find a resource to teach me what I didn’t already know. I took online classes from expert after expert and although some things were great reminders, nothing was moving the needle forward for me.

So, you can understand why it would be difficult to believe I could actually follow someones lead on this topic.

Until I ran across a Facebook ad for an Instagram Challenge by Jenna Kutcher. For one, very few ads catch my attention these days ’cause to be honest, I really don’t need another ‘how to’ tossed in my inbox. I am sure I am not alone when I say that not only do I not need it – I don’t want it. I also didn’t know her, at all. She was a new face to me entirely.

There was something different about her. Jenna had all the right wording and incredibly eye catching visuals. I signed up. Clearly I was her ‘ideal client’ – there were many others, similar to me in the challenge already.

Oh and not only did I sign up for the challenge, I was engaged during the 7 days and purchased her Instagram course at the end of her email and webinar sequence. The awesomeness didn’t stop at the challenge – the course was amazing and opened my eyes like very few online courses have.

For one, I actually did the work (see @hellogorglife for a true representation of what I learned) and for another – I found a new leader.

She is totally bringing light to the online course industry that I thought was slowly fading.

This leader needs leaders.

we all got this,

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