I promise we will land on a super legit business experience here, just hang with me for a minute or two.

I know you have heard the statement ‘the shoemakers child goes barefoot’. I oftentimes hear business owners use this excuse. Website designers saying they do their clients work before theirs, therefore their own website sucks. OR maybe the bookkeeper who hasn’t done their own books in a few months.

This isn’t okay.

Like not even a little bit.

Here’s the thing. You know you are losing clients because of this, right? Even if they don’t know your books are not done or your website isn’t fully functioning – you know. You have insecurities around it, you have guilt around it and you lose energy thinking about it.

A few months ago I was meeting with one of my clients, Amanda Walljasper-Tate. Our worlds connect in every way possible. She is a tena.cious client, she is on my doTERRA team and she carries the Hello Life brand in her stores. She is bold, just like me, and she came right out and said ‘you need to wear the lipstick Tena’. Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I wear the lipstick from a brand that I co-founded? I should basically sleep in it… okay maybe not, but you get my point. We need to actually rep the brands we create.

Think of your product as the lipstick. What are you not ‘wearing’ right now? I want you to stop what you are doing, look at your calendar, grab all the people you need and get your lipstick on. Oh and if you want to grab up some actual lipstick, you can do that here.

What will you be working on? Leave a comment so I can hold that accountability for you.

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