Is 2017 going to be YOUR year? I bet you are planning like crazy. You have the marketing plans laid out (at least in your mind), your sales goals have been picked out for months, you already know which events and conference you will be attending… the list goes on and on, right?

But what about December?

I think it just may be the forgetting month.

We fall in to the Holiday craziness, wrap this limiting belief around the myth that people don’t buy things in December and we decide to just use December to plan for January.

What if we used December to rock December?

Today I pulled myself out of the office to map out an entire plan for the rest of THIS month. Not next year.

I oftentimes find myself rushing from one thing to another without truly preparing for the ‘next’ thing. I am pretty darn good at flying from the seat of my pants, but I sat back this last week and said ‘but what if I actually prepared a bit more?’ Like… what if I had my phone charger with me when I knew I had a 2 hour zoom call… or even better yet… what if I had my phone charged BEFORE I had my call. Brilliant, right? But guess what… we can’t be prepared, if we don’t plan.

This doesn’t mean you need to take a whole day like I am, it may just mean you take a couple of hours in the beginning of the month or a few minutes at the start of your day.

So, are you ready to rock December?

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