So that ole’ title up there might be a tad drastic, but I am really kinda serious about this one. I am going to share with you a #gamechanger. Yes, one thing that could literally change how EASY your business could be if you did this ONE thing + implemented it.

So game changing that your engagement would soar on social, your email list would grow exponentially and your Quickbooks would see an uptick in the revenue column.

What is it, you ask?

Um, something that I have been preaching for YEARS… but have yet to see you all implement to it’s fullest extent.

Hear me out on this one, yes, for the WHOLE dang post. EVEN if you have heard it before. Cause you know what… we need to hear things until we DO it and can explain it to others. Yes, I just gave you permission to grab what I am sharing with you and throw it out to your peeps. To be honest, I don’t even care if you use it as your own. #PermissionGranted.

This whole ideal client thing is NO joke. It’s so important that I may say it is the MOST important thing you could do in your business. Define it.

Like seriously rock it out. Grab your 3M Post-it Wall Pad and your Sharpie and go to town. These next few minutes, yes, that is all it takes, could literally change your biz #foreva.

Now I know many of you have done this work already, but I am going to guess that you let it sit in your journal or in some fancy evernote app. That’s cool and all… but I want to share with you, first, how we create our description of our perfect client and, second, how we use it effectively.



First up, it doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to be done.

Next, get in their brain. If you have clients already, great! Pick your favorite. She/He I bet has some powerful and unique characteristics, both good and bad. Write down the ones you like. Now if they have some that are not so favorable, reverse them and toss those on the page too.

At tena.cious we have 3 different stages of our Target Market – no real description of age, gender or location, just real juicy details. We have 3 because we offer a range of services and find that our first one could grow into our second and then of course our second could grow in to our third. We want to be a part of their journey. Now don’t get that confused with us thinking we can work with just anyone, that is NOT the case. We just know that the stages of business can happen real fast and we believe in that process and enjoy being on the journey.

We write all of our content for stage 2, and her name happens to be Jayme. She needs us the very most. Why? Because she is moving from hobby to full blown “holy craziness, I am a business woman and not looking back” stage. These peeps need our help. Period.

She wants to grow quickly (don’t we all), and needs the resources to help her delegate the things she doesn’t like, has very little interest in doing so or isn’t all that great at it. Bingo, enter tena.cious.

We find that overwhelm is totally what keeps Jayme up a night and we have just the solution to solve that. Strategy and implementation of those overwhelms.

As you define all the smaller things like what blogs she reads, who she admires, what podcasts she listens to and what shoes she prefers on her feet… that is all awesome and needed, but don’t forget the most important part: what stresses her out SO badly that she can’t sleep. I bet you have the answer.

Once you define this, great. Now what?

You use this information to write the best darn content she has EVER read. You know, the type where she feels like you are speaking directly to her. Now, it doesn’t have to be the very best content in the world – she just has to hear it and relate.

The only time we create a new service is if Jayme needs it. In fact, if you read all.the.way.down here » Hi, Jayme. My name is Tena, we would love to work with you. Hit reply and let’s have a convo, we need each other.

See how that works? It’s yummy, it fills your heart, you hear it and you need it. You may be consuming our content daily, grabbing up our webinars, podcasts and attending an event or two here or there. We love you and thank you for your awesomeness. Bravo, you rock.

Truly though, if you need a bit of assistance when it comes to the whole idea of building an ideal client and rockin’ out content that they devour, we got you. I believe you can do some of the work above on your own, but this is where I jump in and tell you that it’s okay to ask for help and even pay for it sometimes. I have been there, done that, grown and am here to share it with you all. August 17th and 18th we are rockin out a Brand Strategy Workshop in St. Paul at the most dope place » Schmidt Artist Lofts. (Thanks Kelly Pratt, and yes I just typed dope for the first time in my life).

We have roughly 20 peeps signed up for this awesomeness, and we’ve got room for you too. If you are meant to be there, fabulous. This is where you click right here and grab your spot. And if all of that wasn’t cool enough, here is a promo code » STRATROCKSTAR to get $100 off, cause I love you that darn much.

I can’t wait to see the yummy and fabulous podcasts, blogs, sales pages, books, posts and services that come out of this work.

you got this (with a little bit of help from a friend…),

P.S. Don’t have the funds or the time, we get it. #beentheredonethat I would still love to hear from you. Just know that you can ALWAYS shoot me an email and get a response.

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