Put your tin can away and stop holding that sign.

The begging has to stop.

Your friends and fans are sick of it and frankly we know you are too. You are a passionate business owner but you sound like a panhandler with a piece of ratty cardboard. If you have ever posted ‘Please like my page!’ or ‘Help me get to 100 fans!’ STOP.

Stop begging. Start Seducing.

We know YOU have awesome services and products. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this. So we need a pinkie swear from all of you, a promise that you will never ever beg on your social media platforms… again!  If you are ready for the challenge, tweet to us by clicking here. Pinkies up.

The question now is, how in the heck are you going to start seducing? What do your fans want to hear?

It is simple, they want the same thing YOU want.  Simple content that entertains or helps them solve a problem.

So in the past (it is the past because you pinkie swore you would never do it again), you may have posted something like:

‘We are only 15 fans away from hitting our goal! PLEASE share this post to spread the word!’

When no one shared the post and you lost a fan it was a bit discouraging. We get it.

Now let’s forget about the past and start working on the future of seducing your future fans! We know that that you have more than just a Facebook page and bringing people from those platforms over to Facebook is a great way to grow your fan base. Here is an example of how to do that:

‘2,164 rockin peeps are soaking up the awesomeness on our Facebook page. Join the party here: www.facebook.com/tenaciousedge

Enticing, right?  Now go ahead, test it out and let us know what happens!





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Instagram Wedding 

Emily Blankenship | Social Account Manager

This past weekend I found myself traveling the great distance to Mississippi for a wedding. A good friend of mine asked me if I wouldn’t mind coming along, even though I had never met the bride and groom. See, she was driving this 18 hour car ride and didn’t feel safe doing it alone. Merrily, I joined in. We never discussed details, I had a date and a time and that was that.

Our first hour in the car we talked about mutual friends, gossiping and getting updates about life events as all girls do. The second and third hours were full of bad singing and even worse dancing. It wasn’t until about the tenth hour into our trip that I asked her about the wedding. I asked her how she had met the bride given the distance, to my surprise she responded, “well, we have never really met in person.”

My friend then goes on to tell me that she met this girl through Instagram, a social media site where people share pictures of their lives with one another. She said they have been following each other for over a year now, had exchanged telephone numbers, texted and video chatted all the time. It was like they had met, like they were great friends- but in all reality, they did not know each other. I have to admit I was flabbergasted. I assumed we were traveling all this way to see somebody she knew be wed, not to meet this woman for the first time.

Ultimately the wedding was a huge success, and the friendships made were even better. The wedding was beautiful; the people were amazing. We all enjoyed ourselves. We became famous at the wedding reception as the “Instagram friends,” the two that drove all the way from Minnesota to be part of the wedding of a couple they had never truly met.

Working in social media, I take the networks and relationships it creates for granted. It was wonderful to take a step back and see just how much it can impact people’s lives.

Not on Instagram yet? Head over to http://instagram.com/ for more details. 

Fast beautiful photo sharing.

Social Media Visual

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At tena.cious we LOVE infographics. It really doesn’t matter what they are about or what type of information they are providing. We are obsessed with the color, the layout and the quirkiness about each one. Do you have a favorite infographic? Tell us why! We would love to add it to our Pinterest board called ‘infographics‘… duh.

Oh and stay tuned, we might just be creating one about tena.cious.

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Tim MahoneyIf you have not been to a Tim Mahoney concert, whether it be a  solo performance or with his band, you are missing out. I was introduced to Tim this last fall at his CD release party at Faces in Saint Paul. It was a fantastic night packed with great music and loyal Tim Mahoney fans. I am not sure his newest CD, Live from the Sky, has left my cars CD player since. You could say I jumped on the Tim Mahoney bandwagon.

Tim often says that most people in Minnesota have heard of him and but not “heard” him. Well change is coming! If you have turned your TV to NBC in the last couple of weeks you have been sure to see a plug for the new show The Voice and therefore heard Tim Mahoney sing. Hard to miss the comical comment from Adam Levine as he turns his chair around and says “This is gonna get a little bit weird for a second… I thought you were a chick.” Tim’s reaction is priceless. Along with the rest of America, we are highly anticipating the premiere of  The Voice April 26th.

We wish you the best Tim and we will be supporting you through this amazing  journey!

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