It is time.

It is time we step up.

It is time we step up and lead.

Leading feels lonely. Oftentimes we envision the act of leading with a dark abyss in front of us and scared followers behind.

I won’t lie and say I have never felt this way. Developing a brand in 2009 around social media management felt incredibly lonely. There wasn’t a term for what we did and even the words ‘social media’ were not yet used. I approached potential clients stumbling over my words and left with confusion on both sides. I knew I was leading – I just didn’t really know who or what yet.

It was lonely.

It wasn’t until I realized that other leaders, leading other tribes, were actually my people too. As the fog lifted and I was able to look from side to side, I saw them.

Guess what?

They felt lonely too.

When we dropped our guards, admitted we were in the same boat (maybe just paddling a little differently) and came together – we realized we are far from alone. These people I met in the early years of tena.cious are are the ones I still meet with for coffee – the ones that help me feel connected. We lead together.

Even when it is scary.

One of these fine friends wrote an incredible message today, in the midst of the craziness and I just had to share. Thank you George Kansas for this:

Light bringers and way showers, bring your light brighter than ever. Speak your truth, louder than ever. Walk your way, more straight than ever!
It’s never been needed more. It’s never been required more.
It’s our time to lead.

Lock arms, lift your head and proceed.

we got this,

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