Finding a home, in spirit, family, friends and work, is nearly impossible. But, Nathan has it all nailed down. A web programmer by day and heartrending musician by night, he is the comic in the office with a passion for giving clients the incredible treatment they deserve. Watching him ham it up with his kids, his devotion as a father is beyond obvious.

His music carries him everywhere from leading worship at his church, to competing on NBC’s The Voice, to stunning the audiences at tena.cious events. But don’t get it twisted! Nathan knows his way around the back end of websites, and absorbs new skills, like nobody’s business. He invests himself completely in everything he touches without losing himself in the process. He takes everything “one breath at a time”, allowing him to keep his cool in high pressure situations and keep everything in perspective.

As an office of creative types, we would not be complete without the coding and serenading member of the team that Nathan is. He is home.


“Singulus Spiritus Quondam”