Work with a team of experts that don’t treat it like a billboard for your brand, but like the living, breathing conversation it is. Take your biz off of the page + into the world.

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Imagine having your creative vision manifest itself perfectly, through the touch and skill of an expert. Or, the design you couldn’t have dreamed of come alive in front of you.

create with us
In tena.cious talk, we supply you with industry insight every Tuesday and food for biz thoughts from Tena on Thursday. We like to think we’re good at sharing.

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tena.cious began as one of many ideas in Tena’s mind, circa 2009.

With the support of family, friends + her phenomenal hubby, it came to life. 5 years later, tena.cious holds strong as the premier social + design agency in the area.

With connections + clients spanning the country, tena.cious stands out in a field of grey for their unrelenting pursuit of success for every client they take on.

When tena.cious works with you, we become part of your team. No exceptions.

Whether it’s a small biz with a super strict budget (been there), or a company looking to invest where it matters (done that), we’ll find a way to make it work for both of us.

We want your social to rock just as hard as you do.

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